Tuesday, November 9, 2010

" The Night Stinger! "

The Katipo spider is poisonous.
This spider is an in danger specie and is native to New Zealand.
In fact another name for katipo is ' Night Stinger!

The katipo is a medium size spider and the males are smaller then the females!!
The katipo mostly eat beetles and is found in the North Island of New Zealand!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


As a flustered feeling came over me, I walked over to the hall murmuring to myself “ You can do it “ knowing that I would do better than last year. BANG!As I put the chair down all I could think about was MATHS, MATHS, MATHS!

This was the very FIRST day of Pt England Exams!

As butterflies started to circulate in my stomach my hands started to shake!Quivering like the earthquake down in CHRISTCHURCH! “ Come on Ala, you CAN do it” I whispered to myself, knowing that maths was my WORST ( And I mean WORST ) nightmare of ALL exams!

As I wrote more and more answers, my palms started to get sweaty. Dripping on the exam SHEET! Breathing in and out I had finally made it to the second to last page. I put my head up looking around me seeing that EVERY one was on their LAST page. “ Come on Ala, concentrate” I mumbled. But my mind had suddenly went BLANK!

My body felt like it had been covered with ICE! But I knew that, that wouldn’t stop me yet! One by one I dashed through every single question, hopefully getting every question accurate.
Proceeding to the next page, I actually felt like I had finally defeated MATHS!

Making it to the 3rd to last question, my mind started to tick! Ticking like a BOMB! “ Do I have enough time to finish?” looking to the left side of the hall! “ 40 seconds left!” Mr Jacobson had shouted! Could I finish with just two answers left!

“ 10, 9, 8 ,7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!” Mr Jacobson exclaimed.Finally finishing the last to questions I sighed with relief! With tired eyes ready to come to a close, I happily proved my self that I had done better than last year! Even though my body had froze up and my mind went blank I still finished it no matter what!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Beautiful, Luminescent Fly!

What beautiful luminescent fly catches those pesky mosquitoes?

If you don't know the answer then sit back and enjoy the ( short ) show!