Sunday, August 8, 2010

Temptations: My Lady Soul

The famous ' Temptations' had also bring joy into me when I was down.
The melody of the song is like a melody of birds. Birds singing with joy!!
I think that this song is so great that I think that you should listen to it for your self if you are down! It makes you get up of your feet and never give up!

I think that the Temptations are really good singers. I hope that whoever out there wants to be a singer all you have to do is practice, practice and practice!!


  1. Immm, I'm going to need a little reminder of how this goes. You might have to get a group together to record the tune on Monday.
    Yes, your post definitely needs some audio to go with it!!!
    You have been very busy blogging this weekend, well done.

  2. Oh, I forgot, can you make your image a link to the site you got it from? Alternatively put the link in a label. It is important to state your source.
    That way I can also follow the link to hear them, and you may not have to sing to me tomorrow!

  3. Kia ora Ms Garden,

    Thank you so much for leaving me comments on one of my blog post! Also thank you for giving me some advice to help me improve on my blog post!! I hope that you read more of my posts and that you keep on encouraging other people so they could also succeed!!

    Thank you Ms Garden,
    Yours Truly, Ala

  4. Hi Ala,
    You are obviously a big music fan and I agree, the Temptations are very good singers.
    A big thank you for presenting to our group of teachers last Thursday. I thought you spoke very clearly and confidently, I could tell that you have been practising :)
    Mr Fletcher

  5. Hi Mr Fletcher,

    Thank you very much for coming on to my own blog and leaving a comment on one of my latest posts. I hope that you have learn't new things and memorable things about Pt England school! Thank you once again for leaving me a comment on one of my blog posts. I hope that you come back on to my blog and leave another comment :)

    Yours Truly, Ala

  6. Kia ora Ala

    I love the Temptations. I like the song" my girl " and sometimes "lean on me". That is a cool story. Teresa