Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Questions About Earth

This term we are learning all about outer space. Firstly we had an option, it was to pick a planet and write down 10 questions that we didn't know about them. So here I gathered questions about earth and why do we exactly have earth ? The reason why I decided to pick earth was because I wanted to learn more about the place that we are living in but also why humans are living in a particular planet ?


  1. Hello Ala,
    Did you have fun gathering all your questions?
    I sure did , it was quite hard for me.
    I really like your picture. Earth is a lovely place. Keep up the good work!


  2. Thank you Shaniah , for publishing a comment on one of my blog posts and yeah ! I did have fun gathering questions that I didnt know about of Earth . Thanks once again Shaniah:)

    Yours Truly , Ala

  3. Well done Ala, some interesting questions here. I'll look forward to seeing the answers to these questions.
    Mrs Nua

  4. If I ask a scientist how old a super earth is, they say that they can base its age on the layer of dirt it was found in. How is that not implying by correlation? Is it because they have found super earth in that same layer around the world?