Monday, August 23, 2010

A Cold Winter Day With a Blossoming Tree?

As you all know in many countries it is now WINTER!!!
But if you haven't heard, the start of a blossoming tree had just started. Staring in a neighborhood, where I live!!!!
I only just noticed a few days ago. When I had been coming home from school. I saw a pink tree blossoming in the distance and so I asked myself " What!!! This can't be"
But it did!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Taio Cruz: Dynamite

Taio Cruz, one GREAT singer that has a smashing hit called DYNAMITE!!
Taio Cruz, to me was an unknown singer until this smashing hit had came out. At first I thought that he wasn't a good singer but over a certain time I listened to his songs over and over again. And guess what!! I LOVED his singing and I hope that you too!! So go on check it out.

I hope you like it!!
Written by a Pt England Student, Ala

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

.... My Vacation??

1. Sail to the South Coast to Treasure Island in Shark Bay. This is the first step to the secret Coral Cave.

2. As you head northwards to Coral Cave be sure to look out for the tumbling rocks from Black rock Mountain.

3. After a rocky start to the end of your life, head north west on Treasure Island with no fright. Take a plunge in the deadly Forest Of DOOM!! With trees that never, ever BLOOM!

4. "Err!" Then run northeast to Blood lake! and take a step on to the cracked lashed planks!!

5. Then navigate yourself eastwards to the Toxic, Poisonous Trenchers. And look for a golden key that might be covered in TEA!!

6. As you then POP out of the Toxic Trenchers than you might find yourself in a vampires coffin. Stab him straight in the heart or LOOK OUT FOR YOUR NECK!!

7. Then head southwards down to the 3 deadly doors. Pick one and see if you have found the treasure!!

8. If you had picked the red one then you have done it!!! You have found the treasure but the only thing left to do is find your way back to your boat!!!!

My Most Fondest Memories

In the late 2006, this was one of my fondest memories of me, my friends and also my own teacher, Mrs Nua. The reason why I had picked this particular year was because this was the time when I had made NEW friends, experienced something with my new teacher and I learned MORE!! My favourite part in 2006 was when our class made a yummy, divine snake. I know that it might sound weird but we made the snake out of biscuits, lollies and MORE!! Also when we had made our own Ice-cream. We had made cookies and cream, chocolate and Caramelo ice-cream!

I think that I will treasure that moment forever especially when it was my first day at school!!
I will treasure it in my heart and when ever I think about it!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Our Very Own Student Teacher..... Mr Prosee

Mr Prosee was a student teacher that had taught our class, Rm 17 many, many things. But sadly our very own student teacher had left us, leaving us, to try out a new school and to learn more things. I hope that he succeeds in life and that he becomes what he has been wanting to do!! This teacher had a great personality, leading us to success and also to other things. Thank you very much Mr Prosee, for all of the things that you had done!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Temptations: My Lady Soul

The famous ' Temptations' had also bring joy into me when I was down.
The melody of the song is like a melody of birds. Birds singing with joy!!
I think that this song is so great that I think that you should listen to it for your self if you are down! It makes you get up of your feet and never give up!

I think that the Temptations are really good singers. I hope that whoever out there wants to be a singer all you have to do is practice, practice and practice!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Stevie Wonder: You Are The Sunshine Of My Life!

You Are The Sunshine Of My Life! A song that had been sung by a famous singer called ' Stevie Wonder ' Someone that actually put sunshine into my life. The reason why I am writing about this song is because I also want someone to also experience it. I absoloutely LOVE this song!!! And I hope that you do too!

You Are The Sunshine Of My Life!

Becoming That Someone!

Becoming that someone is standing up to those who hurt you.
Becoming that someone is fa filling your dream!
Becoming that someone is a person that should believe in them selves.
Becoming that someone is taking a deep breath and facing your nightmares.
Becoming that someone is a person that always practices.

So whoever you are wanting to be all you and me have too do is do this!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Polynesian Settlers

Polynesian navigators discovered New Zealand in a way that none of us can do anymore.

Using the clouds, stars, ocean swells and birds as there very own compass. Clouds were used for navigating so they would know that land was near. When clouds were as if turned to stone that was when

the Polynesians knew that land was within reach. Clouds had also told people when they have passed over land. They could tell, by the leisurely clouds that move across the sky.


Taking a diverse of food, Polynesians provided food to feed there family’s and their selves.

Coconut was one of the most fruit that they had took. They used them for toliet paper, rope and fire,to cook there food.Pandana’s fruit was also another natural fruit that they had transported from East Polynesia to Aotearoa.They also used it’s leaves to develop sails. Animals would also travel on the journey to New Zealand,.The animals were killed when the polynesian people needed fresh meat

Polynesian Settlers

Hello everyone, it is that time when I write a post or put an animation on my blog and for now I am putting on an animation. So join in with me and lets rock the boat. Or maybe just watch my animation!! For information about what I have animated then here it is. I have animated a movie about the early polynesian settlers that had settled on Aotearoa. Some people say that some of Polynesians had orignaly came from ASIA!! I guess thats it from me!

I hope you enjoy!!