Thursday, June 23, 2011

Problem Solving!

In Room 20 we are learning to use mind strategies to complete math problems. For this problem I used rounding compensating.

Discovery Presentation!

In the late 1880s two inventors Elisha Gray and Alexandra Bell both corresponded to create ‘The Telephone’ transmitting speech electronically. The very first transcontinental telephone call was in 1915!
As we delve deeper on the both inventors ' Alexandra Bell and Elisha Gray', we found out that Alexander Bell died of pernicious anemia at age 75. Him and Elisha Gray entered an Famous legal Battle over the invention of the Telephone that bell won.
Antonio Meucci was the very first inventor to create the "Telephone" in the 1850. In his own words he said he did not credit Elisha Gray and Alexander Bell for inventing the telephone.His dream was to transmit his voice through wires in 1856

Friday, June 10, 2011

My Artistic Name

At the start of the term, Room's 19 , 20 , 21 & 22 have been focusing on creating our own artistic name. What I had decided to do was to keep it normal. So I used a background that would best describe me & I thought that this one was the best. I think it describes, quietness & originality.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Science Roadshow!

As our group wondered around the Science Roadshow, the most intriguing thing was the Peppers Ghost. What captured our sight was when we turned on the light & up appeared a skeleton. The science behind all of this was the refraction when the direction of the light changed

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Taking a deep breath I hopped onto the courts ready to play my first tournament. With the ball in between my sweaty, shaky hands I got ready to pass to my team mate. Wisssssh! As I passed the ball with all my power, she caught it. “Come on Auckland get it in!” I yelled. As our shooter took a deep breath she finally got it in! Running back to the center third, I was ready for a win.

As the game slowly ended, I was getting lethargic minute after minute. Jogging off the ashphalt I quickly grabbed my drink bottle. As I poured the cold, icy water on my face, I squinted my eyes. “ Whooah!” I said with relief. Our first game was finally over.

Opening my new Auckland rep bag I was astounded on how much junk food I had in there. Grabbing out my Mars bar, I opened the packet seeing gooey caramel slowly rolling down my finger. Licking it all up, I then took a huge bite out of the bar, burying my teeth in the smooth nougat. “ Come on Ala! “ Jazmine said , “ Let’s go! “ she said.

Friday, June 3, 2011

My Netball Goal

This term we have been focusing on what our goal is. This term I have to particular goals. My first one that I have recorded was my learning goal and my second one was my self management goal. I hope that I will be successful at these goals!