Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Aurewa Disaster

“Creek, creek “ the noise had been going on all night. I hadn’t even fell asleep ONCE! As the rain poured down on us , the wind started blowing the tent down. I COULDN”T even handle the heat!

1 hour going by, the sound of a cricket was getting closer and closer. I could feel the movement of it’s legs ! “AAA! “ I screamed , spitting out a living specie! I had knew that this night was GOING to get worst.

“ HUH “ I gasped waking up . I noticed the tent EVEN smaller! DRIP, DROP . Feeling icy -cold water travelling down my face, I took of the blanket off. “ Whats going on ? “ I whispered to my self. But I knew what had happened. Water was every where, the tent was SO small that only one could fit in. And the wind was so strong that I had been jammed in the tent with no escape but the voice of my Mum!

“ MUM! “ I screamed looking side to side , “ Hold on my dear !” With the cricket still maneuvering on my leg the sound of my mothers voice was getting closer and closer! ‘ SWOOP ‘ jumping out of no where she grabbed on to me as if it was going to be the end of the world. “ Come on “ she exclaimed, shivering like a lost baby bear. “ This way “ she said “ We can do this!

1,2,3,4,5 “ SWOOP” We had made it through, we had actually made it!.

“ NO! “ I screamed my bag of delicate clothes were still in there. “ You musn’t go back in, its too dangerous!" My mum had said “ But my clothes are in the” I shouted at her. “ Well would you rather go in there and freeze with a cricket or have a nice warm sleep out here underneath a stable shelter? " “ OK mum!” I stay out here …..... AND WATCH MY CLOTHES GET CRUSHED AND WET!! “

As the sun set came up , I looked at my purple cold toes , they were freezing like nothing! With the warmth of the sun a shivering feeling just disappeared! I suddenly felt like I was in my Bed at my home. “ Baby girl! “ I said to my little sister , seeing that she had no blanket on all night! Her WHOLE body was purple! Once I layed my hand on her stomach, I knew that she had been curled up like a ball all Night!

“ I will NEVER forget this night” I whispered. 7:00 and I still hadn’t fell asleep. Me having thoughts about my clothes or soggy and wet was a like a dream gone wrong! I knew that if I had went in there and gotten my bag, the clothes that I'm wearing would of got wet!

At the end of the week, camping on a beach was a HORROR ( For me of course ) But eating Crayfish, Eka ( Which is the Maori name for fish ) and many many more seafood delicates were the best highlights of my LIFE! Especially diving for kina!!!

Once we arrived back at my Nana’s house I had one WARM shower and a nice WARM sleep! Dreaming about what had happened, I knew that I SHOULDN’T OF WENT to Aurewa BEACH. I would’ve had more cool clothes and SHOES! But you know what at the end of the week

Friday, February 11, 2011

Netbook Exploration

" YAY " I screamed getting my very first lap top put into my hands. As I turned on the Net book for the very first my hands started shaking, shaking like a vibrating phone! As my eyes grew bigger I was amazed of how small but how great this little thing can work. " I can't believe that there actually ours! " I said to Selena . " I know right! "

As I explored the lap top I noticed a bunch of games, a variety of games to be exact! I also saw Cheese! A new photo both. What I liked the most was when we could surf the web. Even though sometimes the web had been disconnecting, I knew that, that wouldn't let me down!

At the end of the day, exploring our net book was the best feeling that I had ever had. Learning about new things on the way will be exciting and awesome. I want to give a BIG thank you to Mrs and Mr Burt for getting these net books for us. And also to an anonymous person that payed thousands of dollars!


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Heres To Angela!

Now Im pretty sure that everyone that is reading this knows Angela. A friend that has been with me since, well, I had started Pt England school. If you guys haven't already heard, my friend ( that had been in every single class with me ) is officially LEAVING! Leaving to go to Pakuranga Intermidiate!!!

She was a great friend ( and I mean it ) also a intellergent person with great personallity, a netball star at shooting and an awsome Sony Bill Williams in rugby! We had shared everything with each other! She was like my sister.

Crying untill my eyes had popped out I couldn't bare thinking that she was going to leave. But in my heart I will ALWAYS remeber her!

If your reading this Angela, I would like to say thank you for being there when times went rough and when I was feeling down! I hope that you will have an awsome time at your new school and that you will make GREAT friends just like us!!I hope that you will remeber us in your heart where ever you go and where ever you are.

This was dedicated to my dearest friend : Angela

School Has NEARLY Arrived!!

Today is the 3rd of February! And the upcoming Monday is SCHOOL! I had been waiting for this moment since, well the start of this year! I just couldn't wait to see my friends ! And also to see what class I'm going to be in! Especially because I'm going to be a year 7 this year! A YEAR 7 !

I was hoping that this year would be a great and a new start for me! Thinking more in to how I can make this better . But most of all to improve on my writing MORE then last year! So this ( to me ) will be my practise one!

I am also hoping that the sports that I'll be trialling ( especially netball ) will make me become a great sportswomen !

The writing up top are the goals that I think I will succeed at , so BRING IT ON !