Friday, April 8, 2011

This term our very own 'Glee Cast' performed today at assembley. They entertained us with two types of items! The very first performance was like a karanga! Telling us all about Pt England School! I liked how they included different types of cultures on the stage. Especially how they used Stop, Think and Do, Stop, Look and Listen and Wear it With Pride!

Ms M was the producer and creater of their very own ' Glee Cast ' . They created their very own moves and sometimes took ideas of others! I really liked how they were all organised on the stage and they were really patient when they had to wait. They were very, very sharp in what they had to perform and NOT to mention there big joyful smiles.

I hope that all of you gleeks remember this day and that this would help you in the future to be ' Confident' . Once again GREAT job.

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