Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Polynesian Settlers

Kia ora, Talofa lava, Malo e Lelei and kia orana! This term we have been learning about Mighty Mariners and also the Polynesian Settlers. This is my movie that is all about that actually!

I hope that you like it!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fia Fia Night

Fia Fia night, the night when our WHOLE school gets to preform to family, neighbours and friends!! The night when we all show the whole neighbourhood what we have and what we are good at!

Now for Fia Fia night I will be representing my maori side and also will be showing Glen Innes a Bollywood dance.The Bollywood dance was to show people that anyone in the world is great at ANYTHING and you should try something new!!

If you don't know what Fia Fia night is all about, well let me explain!! Fia Fia night is all about the different cultures and different types of movements ( dances ) .

I hope that you, readers get to see some of my work on the stage very, very soon!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Whats So Special About A KIWI?

Intro: Some birds build nests in tall trees-Kiwis don’t
Many birds can fly in the morning breeze- Kiwis can’t
A bunch of birds have bright and colourful feathers - kiwis certainly don’t have that!

But out of all the different kinds of birds, I still think that kiwis are the best!
Kiwis ARE COOL!!

Size:It’s not that they’re all that small. Their average size is about the same length as a rugby ball! The smallest kiwi is spotted smaller than a cat, It lives in the WHOLE of New Zealand!

These kiwis can be really BIG!! The biggest one is TWICE as big as a rugby ball.These species live in the north island such as Mt Ruapehu and the central of Taranaki and Hawkes Bay!

Appearence: And I suppose you wouldn’t exactly call many of them beautiful or even dazziling KIWIS!. Their colour’s a just DULL and there plumage is just plain brown.The feathers aren’t as richly coloured as normal birds. They grow a 20 cm bill on the front of their bodies which looks really ridiculous. Imagine giving them a Hongi, it will be really difficult.

Flightless: Many people think Kiwis don’t have wings . But they do! If you look under their dreary sepia plumage, then you’ll find a small pink wing. Their wings are as tiny as our PINKYS! Can you believe that !! Because I can’t.

Also you wouldn’t even BELIEVE what they do with their bills. It’s absolutely AMAZING!
As they crawl out of the bushes they poke there 20 cm bills into the dirt to catch the delicious prey. When they have most of there bills ducked into the dirt they would be able to smell 3 cm below the ground.

And there you have it! How could you possibly resist a fat blubbery, dull coffee- coloured, bill picker and flightless kiwi?

If kiwis aren’t cool, then I don't know what is?

Cross Country

Cross Country Narrative:

With my heart pounding and a body trembling with fear, I looked around noticing age signs on
chairs and bright colours walking around the school. “ Aaaaaaaa!!” I screamed “ Cross Country? Why would they do this to us kids!! The horror, the pain”

As I had closed my eyes , butterflies started flying around and around, making me sick!! I thought that if I could ring my Mum then I could get out of this mess and she could explain to my teacher that I couldn’t run. As my class had strolled out of the classroom, I thought that I had the chance but then “ Come on Ala , the race is nearly starting!!” I heard Miss Garden say “ Ohh, why God, why does this have to happen to me!!”I whispered to myself

As I stood up ready to walk over to the starting line, my face started to go green!! I couldn’t bare the agony anymore , but I couldn’t let Tainui ( my Team) down. As Mr Burt walked over to the start line,through the gluey, sticky mud he was ready to start the race. “On your mark” “ No!” I whispered to myself, putting my legs apart in position, “ Get Set!” ......... “ BANG!”

Zooming past many 11 year old girls, I could already feel the spongy mud between my toes.... “yuck”.As the throng went soundless, I had just passed the gate, making my way to the reserve. My heart started pounding, while my throat was screaming for icy cold water.As a lethargic feeling had came over me, my knee started to burn like scorching hot lava.But I knew that it wouldn’t get in the way! “ 100m away” I had said to myself, knowing that I was running with excruciating pain.

“20m to go!” I said to myself!The multitude started to get louder and louder! As I nearly made it to the finish, I looked over my shoulder and saw Mubasshira trip! I couldn’t help but laugh!! My knee started to act like it was the boss of me, saying to stop!! But I couldn’t!
“ Come on Ala, Don’t let your team down” I had exclaimed, I was just a few metres away from the people being proud of me!!

“I”ve made it!” I shouted, coming.. coming LAST!! I looked around me and had just noticed that everyone was laughing at me!! I thought that I had came first, pushing my luck!! But I didn’t. I hadn’t thought that I could come this far, non STOP

At the end of every Cross Country event, I think even though I was pushing myself to excel in the 11 year old Cross Country run, I think that I am still proud of myself. For actually TRYING!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Bruno Mars: Just The Way You Are!!

Just The Way You Are, a song that describes many things about our body features and how we are beautiful just the way we are! I think this song gives us, girls a lot of detail on how we should treat our hair, face and more! I think that we should just be happy with the way we are because we are beautiful on the outside and the inside!!

So here is a little shout out to you girls, ladies and women ....