Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Webzidazical - Don't Get Caught.

As I stared and watched different acts come on stage , I think I let my nerves get to me. “What if I go some where wrong?.” I mumbled , anxiously awaiting for my mask to arrive from the other room. It was the final night of the production. Named ‘Webzidazical’ and produced by our two talented teachers, Mr Jacobsen. “Hope I perform to the peek of my talent!” I whispered to myself.

Saving up all the practise , I knew that this was a night I would never forget. “Hope we do well!” I exclaimed to my friends. After finishing getting ready , all we had to do now was wait for our time to come. Being finally , handed my mask I was in need for an energy boost. Like chocolate ! “Mrs Lavakula , im CRAVING for chocolate. Could I hand out some of the chocolate fish please?” I said with a smile on my face , so big as if I was a joker. “Sure , why not?.” She replied.

Being held up in Room 8 , it was as dull as a boring birthday party. But except no friends and no family. No music and no food ! We were all just sitting there , with nothing to do but just to watch the performance go on. I mean not that the performance was getting boring but the atmosphere around me. “Mrs Va’afusuanga , there’s nothing to do in here!” I yelled , as if she was deaf. “Then why don’t you find something to do?” She replied and well it was worth a try.

As the time was ticking by quickly , it was nearly time for us to go on. Playing with cards and blasting music from one side of the room to the other , the night had actually turned out quite fun ! “Mrs Va’afusuanga was right!” Spoke my mind.”It WAS worth the try.” But my nerves were still getting to me and It was like I couldn’t stop them. Suddenly it was time. Time to make my mark on stage.

“Boom Clap , Boom Boom Clap Clap!” we all stomped , making our entrance on to the stage. I couldn’t help but notice the audience cheering for us. With different beats and rhythms came on to the stage , I felt like all the weight had finally being taken off of my back. Only seeing scary masks appear on the stage and from the back of the hall , “GO ALA!” I heard my mum scream from the distance. As my nerves started disappearing and the feeling of wanting to continue performing up on the stage , it was time for us to hop of the stage.

With a sign of relief , I thought that was the best performance ever in Pt England history. Jumping up with joy , I knew that I did my best and I knew that I would remember this night forever. “Hopefully I did this school proud!” I said , coming off the stage with a smile on my face.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse. This happens when the moon passes behind earth to block the suns rays from hitting the Moon. It usually comes on June the 15th. As you can see the colour of Lunar Eclipse is a reddish colour.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Multiple Intelligence.

Multiple Intelligance. A website that would tell you which Smart we are. Firstly we had to fill out questions so they could add up all the answers. As you can see I am mostly Kinaesthetic . Kinaesthetic means that you are Body Smart. Meaning your athletic and you move around a lot by doing sports. My weakness is Logical. Meaning 'Number Smart' . I sometimes are unable to add up numbers or either way i'm not that strong at mathematics.

To me I really enjoyed taking this test . I think that I answered the questions truly and the final results were all true.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Questions About Earth

This term we are learning all about outer space. Firstly we had an option, it was to pick a planet and write down 10 questions that we didn't know about them. So here I gathered questions about earth and why do we exactly have earth ? The reason why I decided to pick earth was because I wanted to learn more about the place that we are living in but also why humans are living in a particular planet ?

Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's Not About Winning !

“SPLASH!” as I slammed the light, soft sponge into the water all I could hear were my team mates telling me to hurry up. I couldn’t help but try and gather as much water as possible. Just so we could win the challenge! The senior block, home to years 7 and 8’s were all competing by classes to successfully earn the title “VICTORY”. Now I was eager to get that name.

With the scorching hot sun, slowly dieing down, all I could feel was the whistling wind blowing the tips of my hair. “Kaloni, pass it already!” forcing my dried throat to scream. Reluctantly throwing it with all her might, all I could feel was the freezing water hitting the side of my T-shirt. “Hahaha” I chuckled, turning my frown upside down. Then I knew it was pay back time.

“Come on guys, you can do it!” Ieremus yelled, but unfortunately I didn’t listen. Instead I slammed two rugby passes to my friends, hoping that they wouldn’t catch it. And, well they didn’t! Their T-shirts wet from dry and warm, to saturated and cold. “Sorry Tina and Kaloni!” I said, making them think it was an accident. “It’s alright!” they replied.

At the end of the day, our team unfortunately lost. We lost by having too much fun as in mucking around and by playing with the water!But I actually learnt something. I learnt that winning isn’t about everything, it’s all about co-operation (which we never used) and also about being a good sportsman. Which is all about having fun.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Our Team, Our Place.

This term we have been putting together a presentation showing other nations what New Zealand is about and who exactly the All Blacks are. The presentation was also suppose to help others , know what its going to be like in New Zealand for the Rugby World Cup ! From watching this presentation , I hope that you learn more and become more interested in New Zealand and The All Blacks !

Friday, September 23, 2011

Maths Whizz

This term, we have been working on a new site called Maths Whizz. Its a site where we learn new strategies and become branier at maths !

Firstly, we were having to do an assessment to see where we were at. And I was having to work on my mutiplying big numbers using mental strategies. Over the past few weeks I think I have gained more and become more intelligent by using mental strategies ! I hope that I get to keep the work up.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


In Room 20 we have been learning to use an application called 'Picasa'. We took pictures of ourselves the described the feelings by using captions. Here are mine!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Who's Coming for The Cup?

South African Flag Meaning:
What I have found out was that many South Africans have the flags these colour's showing an event or what they see in their view:

Red: bloodshed of activists
White: (white) population
Blue: skies or the ocean
Yellow: minerals or gold!
Green: agriculture and land
Black: the non-white population.
And the ‘Y’ stands for the merging nationalities

Interesting Fact about South Africa :
South Africa is the top ranked gold producing country!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Problem Solving!

In Room 20 we are learning to use mind strategies to complete math problems. For this problem I used rounding compensating.

Discovery Presentation!

In the late 1880s two inventors Elisha Gray and Alexandra Bell both corresponded to create ‘The Telephone’ transmitting speech electronically. The very first transcontinental telephone call was in 1915!
As we delve deeper on the both inventors ' Alexandra Bell and Elisha Gray', we found out that Alexander Bell died of pernicious anemia at age 75. Him and Elisha Gray entered an Famous legal Battle over the invention of the Telephone that bell won.
Antonio Meucci was the very first inventor to create the "Telephone" in the 1850. In his own words he said he did not credit Elisha Gray and Alexander Bell for inventing the telephone.His dream was to transmit his voice through wires in 1856

Friday, June 10, 2011

My Artistic Name

At the start of the term, Room's 19 , 20 , 21 & 22 have been focusing on creating our own artistic name. What I had decided to do was to keep it normal. So I used a background that would best describe me & I thought that this one was the best. I think it describes, quietness & originality.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Science Roadshow!

As our group wondered around the Science Roadshow, the most intriguing thing was the Peppers Ghost. What captured our sight was when we turned on the light & up appeared a skeleton. The science behind all of this was the refraction when the direction of the light changed

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Taking a deep breath I hopped onto the courts ready to play my first tournament. With the ball in between my sweaty, shaky hands I got ready to pass to my team mate. Wisssssh! As I passed the ball with all my power, she caught it. “Come on Auckland get it in!” I yelled. As our shooter took a deep breath she finally got it in! Running back to the center third, I was ready for a win.

As the game slowly ended, I was getting lethargic minute after minute. Jogging off the ashphalt I quickly grabbed my drink bottle. As I poured the cold, icy water on my face, I squinted my eyes. “ Whooah!” I said with relief. Our first game was finally over.

Opening my new Auckland rep bag I was astounded on how much junk food I had in there. Grabbing out my Mars bar, I opened the packet seeing gooey caramel slowly rolling down my finger. Licking it all up, I then took a huge bite out of the bar, burying my teeth in the smooth nougat. “ Come on Ala! “ Jazmine said , “ Let’s go! “ she said.

Friday, June 3, 2011

My Netball Goal

This term we have been focusing on what our goal is. This term I have to particular goals. My first one that I have recorded was my learning goal and my second one was my self management goal. I hope that I will be successful at these goals!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Interior Angles

Today Room 20 learnt all about the Polygon ( Triangle ) . What we were trying to discover was the interior angles of a regular triangle. Which are the insides of the shape. What I have found out is that all the angles add up to 180 degrees.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I'm not sure how to say this to the world, but well I'm officially in GLEE! Well not really. Im just singing a Samoan song. But I guess I like to think that I'm in it.Sometimes I even wonder how I got in this!

Being a gleek, is quiet hard but at the same time easy. What I am most enjoying right now is how we are singing mostly about our cultures. I like how we can describe what we feel and put in into one song all together.

What my biggest fear for me is my Confidence. Just like out tutor Ms Muliaumaseali says. I fear that sometimes I might get booed at! But I think I'll be good. So thats my gleek story.

I hope that in the future this would help me succeed at being anything.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Collage Netball ' LIVE'

I couldn’t imagine myself playing Netball ‘Live’ as well. But I wouldn’t, dear imagine that I would stuff up in a game like that! What AGONY. ‘ Come on, get up!’ I whispered in my head.Though I didn’t like the school, there was no one else to cheer for! “ Come on St Kentergeins! ‘ my mum screamed. Hiding my face from the cameras I whispered to myself “ What SHAME!”

As she sluggishly limped of the courts with pain, I captured the tear of a crying bird. Well that was actually my sister! Crying out with misery she knew that all of her training leading up to this was a waste.

With the game carrying on it was finally the last quarter. With my sister out of the game, and with NO idea what the score was I screamed ‘ GO ST KENTS!’ . As they picked up the speed on the court, my Mum yelled out ideas to help them. I thought, she thought that she was the coach. Ha!

‘ Nice game girls!’ I mumbled. As they came of the courts with a smirked smile, anxiously waiting for my sister. Patting her on the back she started screaming at me. “ WHAT! I was just trying to give you a heads up!”

With them losing the game,heading back home was a breeze! Getting Wendy’s, then having a nice warm sleep was the best part of the WHOLE day! Even though I was on T.V

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Geometry Translation

In Room 20, we have been learning all about what 'Geometry Translation' is. This means that we are having to move the shape that we have chosen on a grid without changing sizes. Creating this on the very famous Google Apps, we discovered how to get the shapes and apply to the background of our sheet. So here it is. My very own creative Translation Graph.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tornado Catashrophy

With a MEAN BEAST hitting Central of Albany an adverse tornado event unexpectedly devastated the WHOLE of C.B.D. With dark black clouds twirling like a washing machine, its strong power picked up debris like cars, to shopping malls, from homes to even TREES!

With its tremendous roar, reports have been coming in that only one person has died.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Brother is a North Island Champ!

'Elijah Toetuu' a brother, a prop and hooker in League and ' Junior Shot Put, North Island Champ' . This year taking a BIG step to college was one of the hardest jobs that he had to take. Having to have a FULL schedule every week, he still managed to be a ' Junior Shot Put CHAMP!' Especially how he had to leave his friends and family behind.

My brother is now boarding at, Mt Albert College and is having to see us once a week! What a struggle for my Mum. As soon as he came home I noticed a trophy and meddle in his hands! Suddenly seeing the writing ' North Island Champ ' Amazed me, especially how he had JUST started !

You might notice him from Pt England School, that's why he actually came here! My whole family did! The two alder ones, Luisa nearly one EVERY academics and got DUX, she one Netball player of the year but not to mention Sports Woman of the year! And now she goes to St Kentirgens Collage.

And well what is there left to say about my brother? Nothing! Just a BIG well done and congratulations big bro. I hope that you succeed in the future and that maybe one day you will get to go to the Olympics!

Friday, April 8, 2011

This term our very own 'Glee Cast' performed today at assembley. They entertained us with two types of items! The very first performance was like a karanga! Telling us all about Pt England School! I liked how they included different types of cultures on the stage. Especially how they used Stop, Think and Do, Stop, Look and Listen and Wear it With Pride!

Ms M was the producer and creater of their very own ' Glee Cast ' . They created their very own moves and sometimes took ideas of others! I really liked how they were all organised on the stage and they were really patient when they had to wait. They were very, very sharp in what they had to perform and NOT to mention there big joyful smiles.

I hope that all of you gleeks remember this day and that this would help you in the future to be ' Confident' . Once again GREAT job.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Thank You Letter : Camp TC

Dear Helpers & Caregivers,

I would like to give this opportunity to say Thank you! Thank you for providing us with the delicious food, the protection at night and also the fun! The best part of the food was the mouth-watering Hangi! Even though the chicken was a bit raw, it was still nice.

The fun that we had was almost unstoppable, the challengers, the games but also “ Concert Night” It was awesome! I hope that next year would almost be better then this year! May god bless you and nourish you through next years camp.

Yours Faithfully,

Sunday, April 3, 2011

My BEST 2009 Poem!

Sunshine has turned to darkness,
The sun has turned away,
ever since Rover and Jessie had died,
there is no time to play.

My love has turned to horror,
The flowers smell like mouldy cheese,
ever since my dogs has died,
there is no place to be......

Friday, March 25, 2011

Welcome To Pt England ( My World )

This is a short but creative film that I made during 'Taonga Time'. It explains what Pt England does in our beautiful world. Some of the clips lists the Pt England Way... like : Being respectful to one in another, Taking charge of your duty and being courteous . Play Sensible Games, Playing in the Right Places and Bin it!

I think that the Pt England way is important to our school because we can be good role models to those NEW students at our school. Also because we want to keep our school clean, safe and happy!

I hope that you leave a comment and explain how much you liked it and how I could improve more! So sit back and enjoy the show!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Pt England Way

This term I animated a Movie that talks about how ' Gum Is Dumb ' So sit back and enjoy the show.

Friday, March 18, 2011

I LOVE U..... Pacifika Festival

Spending time with Family and friends was the best time that I had spent down at Pacifika. Especially how we got to see different cultures on how well the performed! It was GREAT!

The best section out of it ALL was the " Samoan Section" it was really thrilling but at the same time incredible. I liked how they were dancing with this DANGEROUS knife , doing flips and everything with them. i just couldn't even speak..... I'm even speechless right NOW!!

But the best thing... was the food. Different types of food from different cultures. Like Hangi, Pork, Chop Soy and more Polynesian Cuisine . My favourite one was a cut Pineapple, the was half scrapped inside , with creamy, cold vanilla Ice-cream in it! It was DELICIOUS!

At the end of the day, with the sun still up striking at us and the sound of people finishing there songs had bring " The Pacifika" to an end! Even though i wished that it would've gone forever I knew that it had to end sometime!

This Inspires me!

The song ' Price Tag ' is hopefully known ALL around the world. This song had inspired me on how well and how she sang it. The best bit that I like was the first verse:

Seems like everybody's got a price,
I wonder how they sleep at night.
When the sale comes first,
And the truth comes second,
Just stop, for a minute and

I thought that it was really good. Especially on how the first sentence was describing on how everyone had a price! It was really good. I hope that you listen to the song and you leave a comment on how you think the song is good!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Year 7 & 8 Camp: Rockup, Dunker

My BEST highlight from camp was going on the Dunker. Even though there were butterflies in my stomach I still maneged to get through it. One by one they were throwing balls at the target, trying to get me out! Until SPLASH... I was finally in the cold water, that was making me shiver.

As I crawled out on the tub, I anxiously awaited to see who was next! BANG! Just like that he was gone! Disappearing into the water! With my hands wrapped around me like a blanket I suddenly looked around me feeling a cold breeze making me EVEN more cold! I knew that this was NOT going well.

At the end of the day going on the dunker was fun but I knew that I had to face some consequences, like getting a seriously COLD! But it was also FUN! Thank you Rock up for the awesome time.

P.S : I hope next time there would be NO push ups!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Science Down At Tamaki

‘ STOMP, STOMP’ Walking down to the science room, I waited eagerly to go in. Swishing my head from side to side I was already imaging me pouring hot liquid into a tube! “ Come on Ala” Sylvia said “ You’ve been standing out here for AGES...are you trying to get out of classes?” “ NO!” I replied.

As Mr Dewan handed out papers, I grabbed out my pencil ready to write down what experiments we should do! I was thinking about SO much that I didn’t even know which one to put down first!!
As I was moving around on my chair I heard Mr Dewan say that we were going to learn about Nutrition!!!

Hearing about this made me a bit sad! But I was glad that we were going to learn, what is good for us? And what is bad for our bodies?

Did you know that all foods are healthy? Even if they contain FAT, SUGAR and CARBOHYDRATES! All of them are healthy! Weather your eating KFC, Mac Donald's or Wendy's.

I can’t WAIT till the next day of our Science!

Fly (Outer tent)
Inner tent
INSTRUCTIONS (Be aware that this may not be suitable for some types of tents)During this process, make sure that you put spare pegs and poles in to the bag it came in.
1. First of all, you will need to unfold the base of the tent and lay it down. Ensure that the opening of the tent is facing the right way. Get a peg and place it through the eye lit. Hammer it in to the ground at a 45 degree angle AND so it is a bit hard to pull out. Repeat on every corner.

2. Once you have finished hammering the pegs, you will have to get the poles out and thread them through the inner tent. Once they reach the other side of the tent have a friend pull it out and put it in the second smaller eye lit. Repeat this process for the second pole.

3. Thirdly, you will need the fly (outer tent). Place it carefully on top of the inner tent. Make sure that the fly’s entrance matches the inner tents door.

4. You will find that there are little ropes attached to the fly. These are called Guy Ropes. You will need more pegs for this. Hammer them down as you did the same with the four corners. But you don’t need to secure it as tightly.

5. Once you have finished that, you may lie down in your perfectly pitched tent.

Monday, March 7, 2011


In maths we because we created them on our very special NET BOOKS. While gathering the data about who likes chocolate bars was kind of hard for me. Since well...... I was imagining of the smooth chocolate in my mouth with nuts and sweet caramel!

I think I am really happy about making and completing this was GREAT! Even though I didn't eat a chocolate bar that is alright with me!

Studying about all the different ways that I could possibly display my graph to you having it as a pie was probably the best! Knowing and learning what statistics were all about was great! You know I never knew how much maths was fun and also important is the same way!

Thanks a lot to Google Apps for making this Graph happen for me!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Aurewa Disaster

“Creek, creek “ the noise had been going on all night. I hadn’t even fell asleep ONCE! As the rain poured down on us , the wind started blowing the tent down. I COULDN”T even handle the heat!

1 hour going by, the sound of a cricket was getting closer and closer. I could feel the movement of it’s legs ! “AAA! “ I screamed , spitting out a living specie! I had knew that this night was GOING to get worst.

“ HUH “ I gasped waking up . I noticed the tent EVEN smaller! DRIP, DROP . Feeling icy -cold water travelling down my face, I took of the blanket off. “ Whats going on ? “ I whispered to my self. But I knew what had happened. Water was every where, the tent was SO small that only one could fit in. And the wind was so strong that I had been jammed in the tent with no escape but the voice of my Mum!

“ MUM! “ I screamed looking side to side , “ Hold on my dear !” With the cricket still maneuvering on my leg the sound of my mothers voice was getting closer and closer! ‘ SWOOP ‘ jumping out of no where she grabbed on to me as if it was going to be the end of the world. “ Come on “ she exclaimed, shivering like a lost baby bear. “ This way “ she said “ We can do this!

1,2,3,4,5 “ SWOOP” We had made it through, we had actually made it!.

“ NO! “ I screamed my bag of delicate clothes were still in there. “ You musn’t go back in, its too dangerous!" My mum had said “ But my clothes are in the” I shouted at her. “ Well would you rather go in there and freeze with a cricket or have a nice warm sleep out here underneath a stable shelter? " “ OK mum!” I stay out here …..... AND WATCH MY CLOTHES GET CRUSHED AND WET!! “

As the sun set came up , I looked at my purple cold toes , they were freezing like nothing! With the warmth of the sun a shivering feeling just disappeared! I suddenly felt like I was in my Bed at my home. “ Baby girl! “ I said to my little sister , seeing that she had no blanket on all night! Her WHOLE body was purple! Once I layed my hand on her stomach, I knew that she had been curled up like a ball all Night!

“ I will NEVER forget this night” I whispered. 7:00 and I still hadn’t fell asleep. Me having thoughts about my clothes or soggy and wet was a like a dream gone wrong! I knew that if I had went in there and gotten my bag, the clothes that I'm wearing would of got wet!

At the end of the week, camping on a beach was a HORROR ( For me of course ) But eating Crayfish, Eka ( Which is the Maori name for fish ) and many many more seafood delicates were the best highlights of my LIFE! Especially diving for kina!!!

Once we arrived back at my Nana’s house I had one WARM shower and a nice WARM sleep! Dreaming about what had happened, I knew that I SHOULDN’T OF WENT to Aurewa BEACH. I would’ve had more cool clothes and SHOES! But you know what at the end of the week

Friday, February 11, 2011

Netbook Exploration

" YAY " I screamed getting my very first lap top put into my hands. As I turned on the Net book for the very first my hands started shaking, shaking like a vibrating phone! As my eyes grew bigger I was amazed of how small but how great this little thing can work. " I can't believe that there actually ours! " I said to Selena . " I know right! "

As I explored the lap top I noticed a bunch of games, a variety of games to be exact! I also saw Cheese! A new photo both. What I liked the most was when we could surf the web. Even though sometimes the web had been disconnecting, I knew that, that wouldn't let me down!

At the end of the day, exploring our net book was the best feeling that I had ever had. Learning about new things on the way will be exciting and awesome. I want to give a BIG thank you to Mrs and Mr Burt for getting these net books for us. And also to an anonymous person that payed thousands of dollars!


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Heres To Angela!

Now Im pretty sure that everyone that is reading this knows Angela. A friend that has been with me since, well, I had started Pt England school. If you guys haven't already heard, my friend ( that had been in every single class with me ) is officially LEAVING! Leaving to go to Pakuranga Intermidiate!!!

She was a great friend ( and I mean it ) also a intellergent person with great personallity, a netball star at shooting and an awsome Sony Bill Williams in rugby! We had shared everything with each other! She was like my sister.

Crying untill my eyes had popped out I couldn't bare thinking that she was going to leave. But in my heart I will ALWAYS remeber her!

If your reading this Angela, I would like to say thank you for being there when times went rough and when I was feeling down! I hope that you will have an awsome time at your new school and that you will make GREAT friends just like us!!I hope that you will remeber us in your heart where ever you go and where ever you are.

This was dedicated to my dearest friend : Angela

School Has NEARLY Arrived!!

Today is the 3rd of February! And the upcoming Monday is SCHOOL! I had been waiting for this moment since, well the start of this year! I just couldn't wait to see my friends ! And also to see what class I'm going to be in! Especially because I'm going to be a year 7 this year! A YEAR 7 !

I was hoping that this year would be a great and a new start for me! Thinking more in to how I can make this better . But most of all to improve on my writing MORE then last year! So this ( to me ) will be my practise one!

I am also hoping that the sports that I'll be trialling ( especially netball ) will make me become a great sportswomen !

The writing up top are the goals that I think I will succeed at , so BRING IT ON !