Wednesday, March 31, 2010


If you don't know we have been learning all about the treaty of waitangi. James Cook was the very first European to step on maori land, New Zealand! So sit back and watch the show!

Bye for now

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What Captured My Eyes for This Term!

Kia ora, Talofa lava and Malo e leiei. If you haven't heard, the 1st term of the year is nearly ending. But that isn't want I, Alaimaluloa Toetu'u ( Ala) is writing about. I am writing about my highlights for this term! So sit back and enjoy the reading!

First of all I would love to give a big thank you to Mr Burt and the staff for this lovley term. Thank you for supporting and educating us from The treaty of waitangi to being a good Pt Englander. I also want to give a big thank you to Mrs Tele'a and Mrs Burt for the jolly good extension that we have had. Thank You!

But my most enjoyable is camp Kindness because we had been to alot of new places that we haven't been last year. For example: Skating ( Which was a horrror to me) A new oreinting and going to Tamiki college to play games. But the most thing that I had loved about camp is that we had lovely food from the cooks that had made it and also watching Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory! ( Yummmmmm)

I think that the most suprising think of the term was that we had an conference with D'Wayne Edwards. Also making our very own nike shoe! Thank you D'Wayne Edwards for the 3 tips. Firstly. To Believe in yourself, Secondly. To find a mentor and last of all to Work hard! Once again Thank You!

The most Educating thing that my teacher or releaver has taught me was that when we were learning about Te Tiriti o te Waitangi that some cheifs didn't sign the treaty and some did because they thought that it would bring peace to New Zealand.

My goal for next term is to try and show off all my skills for Netball so I could get into it. My second goal for next term is to try and not to talk when that teacher is talking and to also listen. But last of all is that I need to do more podcasts and read more books.

But what I am trying to do is to guess what next term topis was going to be! I think that it will be about the dinosuars again but hey that is just a clue. Or wait! It might have something to do with dinosaurs. Hmmmm. Oh well .

Well thats it from me! I hope that you have a great holiday and that you keep yourself safe! Ka kite ano!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Soap Box Derby

On Sunday 28th of March Mr J and Mrs J had took the time off to help with the Soap Box Derby team. So a big hand and thank you to both of them.

Soap Box derby was a great time and a new sport!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Willy Wonka's Choco Block!

Willy Wonka's chocolate block has driven everybody mad!
With caramel in the middle,
Its going to turn out pretty BAD!

But don't stop yet, there is more to go,
Like Ever Lasting Gob stoppers .
Ready to explode!

" Some more, Some more!"
I hear people say, like gummy bears,
chewing gum hiding in delicious lolly hay!

Little kids are going crazy, all over the world.
There sisters and brothers can not control them but one person can?
And that is............. WILLY WONKA! The Chocolate MAN!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Campers Reflect 2

As soon as I had hopped into the car, I was already excited to go to rock climbing. Once we got there I started pushing my friends out of the car. " SPLASH" once Kaiden had got down the rest did. I jumped out of the car amazed by the structure. I looked back saying sorry . Rock climbing for me was the best subject out of all.

" Daisy, Daisy" I shouted, "Come to this one" . I buckled up my belt and gave Daisy the clip. As soon as I got ready , Daisy was saying something but I didn't listen . " Left, right , left" I said to myself. Pushing myself up further , I had made it. I made it. I anxiously awaited for Daisy to lower me down. Heaps of people had looked like little ants walking around, finding a place to climb. "KNOCK!" I had accidentally hit Daisy, Blaming her for her bad lowering. " Woo" I said relieved.

At the end of rock climbing the True Flavours where teasing me saying that I was a spider amazed by how fast I was. Saying Thank you! we all started to walk away .


From a good days work it was time to go to sleep, As I got changed into my PJ's I noticed that everyone was already a sleep in there tents. I quickly ran back to my tent, tripping over the tent ropes. " OUCH!" I had hit my face leaving a big scratch. Once I had got into my tent I snuggled up into my blanket saying" Good Night! "

As camp finished I think that even though some things had happened for the last few days It had still worked out at the end of the day!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Campers Reflecting!

“Yaaaa!” I heard all of my other friends yell, the True Flavours were ready to do skating.

Everyone but ME! I have always hated roller skating all because of my fears. But now it IS time to face it. As soon as I put on my roller skates I just knew that I was going to fall. “ Errrrrrr” I whispered to myself, with my hands shivering. Suddenly I was on the skating rink. I started to go faster and faster hoping that I was going to stop but know that wasn’t happening. “Could I stay like this forever?”….

Then I stopped. I was really glad that, that happened but then, BANG! Someone had knocked into me I looked around to see who it was. Then I got up nervously thinking that I would be hurt. Slowly but gently I pulled myself up as hard as I could. As I was slowly skating I knew that every one had been skating fast. “ No I can’t do it, I really don’t want to fall over again, in front of everyone” I said to myself.

And then I got, I had actually got it. I was going in a BIG Circle ready to have a race with someone. But it was too late , we were already playing limbo. I went to line up and noticed that it was really low. I had thought to myself that I couldn’t make it. Then it was all ready my turn I was looking from side to side, not knowing what to do. “ Hurry up Ala” I heard all of my team say. As the wheels started to roll I had rolled with it. As I came up to the bamboo stick I had bent down to my toes knowing that I wouldn’t make it. “ OUCH!” I said out a loud. I had hurt my knee once again making a big black mark on my knee. “ Oh No!”

Saturday, March 13, 2010

What am I ?

This bird is a New Zealand native bird. Many people say that it flew over to New Zealand.
It has a plumage of iridescent blue feathers. The wings are black with a slight greenish gloss. Underneath the tail is a patch of clouds as white as snow ready to flash like an alarm! The beak is like a shining red ruby matching it's stringy legs. All their chests are like a sky blue with a little splotch of black.

What do you think I am?


Mihimihi Lover
New Zealand is a great place to live in because we can learn about the past and ask our self many questions like..... What is my mountain? What is my tribe? and Where in New Zealand do I come from?

Kia ora, Malo e lelei and greetings to you all from New Zealand.

My name is " Alaimaluloa but you can call me Ala, I am a 10 year old student at Pt England school of Maori and Tongan ethnicity. I have many friends at my school and most of them are on flicker too, but I look forward to making more friends from around the world.

What I am really excited about through Rock Our World is designing the best ever NIKE shoe and conferencing with D' Wayne Edward! I am good at artwork, love bright colours and I play lots of sports! I think this will inspire me to invent and create a cool nike shoe.

Having a chance to work with Rock Our World is a privilege, it is world wide and helps young people to make our world a better place for the future.

Thank you for reading my description, I hope that you have learnt a little bit about me and what I am passionate about.

No reira tena koutou tena koutou tena koutou katoa.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Van Gough

It's Friday 5Th of march and we are learning about the art of Van Gough. Van Gough was a really poor man that would at least buy paint then buy FOOD! Then Miss garden told me that he chopped his own ear off. Then she told me that he shot him self because he was really angry. I blocked my ears not wanting to know the rest.

We had to sketch the art work that he had designed to learn the lines. Once I had started I was struggling to do just one line! I couldn't help but making it my own one. But then I got it ! I was so happy that I was jumping up and down in my sit. Miss Garden gave us some paint and gave us a paint brush lesson. And then..

To Be Continued...........