Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Last week on Friday we had a school picnic. First we had to go to the hall to see if we had enough parents. Then we started walking to the Point England Reserve, we were getting exhausted, but then we finally got there. The year six's and the year five's went swimming first. We got changed in to our togs and ran to the Point.We had to go first because the tide was in. We strolled into the water. All of us were quivering because it felt cold like solid ice. We were splashing, rippling,diving, gliding and we were even sinking. We started to try and get past the teachers but they held us back. I was wobbing because I stomped my on a rock.

Monday, March 16, 2009

New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the best place to visit,My name is Ala and I live in Auckland,New Zealand.The capital city is Wellington & there are a lot of things to discover here.You can visit the museums to discover the memories and how our ancestors travelled to New Zealand.The tallest and biggest building in New Zealand is the sky tower and it is a beautiful place.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Inorganic Rubbish Day Poem

Immense mattress all ripped and ragged.
Not so new now gross, grubby and revolting.
Old box of chocolates for the one that he was supposed to give it to.
Remembering those lovely memories from rubbish.
Gleaming once now all covered with shabby dirt.
Always loved now thrown out.
New now unlovable treasure.
It was standing up straight now it has dropped dead.
Carvings that have been carved now crushed in to little ants.

Refuses to leave the one that she loves.
Umbrellas now ripped, ruined and stinky.
Beautiful, outstanding set now all tatty and disgusting.
Busted jewellery box from the one that he loved.
Interesting new objects, now decayed and mashed.
Smashing it like no other, like a truck monster.
Hammering it hard like a alligators mouth.

Damaged all of those secrets.
A yesterdays secret now vanished.
Yesterday's treasure now trash.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Healthy Body

To have a healthy body you have to eat healthy and drink lots of water so you will get dehydrated.You also need to do lots of exercise and breath lots of fresh oxygen.Berny and Harold have been teaching us about how to keep our body healthy like, keeping our heart pumping so we won't die .If you eat or drink unhealthy things like,lollies,chips and diary products, all the time you will probably die.That is why we are eating healthy, so our body will be healthy.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Friends

I have many friends that I have at Point England School but I am going to share four friends with you today.The culture that they represent is Samoa and Tonga.There names are Toreka,Angela,Selena and Seni-Mino.Toreka & Angela our Samoan and Selena & Seni-Mino our Tongan.Angela & Selena are nine turning ten & Toreka & Seni-Mino are eight turning nine.When its morning tea and lunch time we play volleyball or practise our netball skills.Right now my friends are gone swimming,we are going swimming in different times because they are in extension and I'm not.I am really lucky that I have so many friends but I think these four are the best friends that I ever had.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Co-operative Game

This morning we played a co-operative game in the hall.I was so excited that we were going to play the game. The aim is to try and get across the surface with out touching the ground, but you could only use three pieces of paper. We had to get into teams, in my team was Mubasshira, Jane, Junior and Joshua.
First we had to discuss and decide what we were going to do, in order to get across the hall to the other end. So we gave it go.We were all sweating like a pink pig and we were clutching onto each other so we won't fall off the news paper, but then we stumbled on each other. We were so annoyed because we had to start all over again.
Then suddenly we quickly thought over and over again,DING!!Joshua had an brilliant idea We were shouting as loud as we could, so we could win. We were giggling, pushing,and sometimes we were cheating.We tripped over each other on the three pieces of paper.We were so devastated and tired, that we didn't want to do any more.
Some of the teams were really good. One of the team's papers were ripped like little ant's so Miss Allen got some thick shiny cardboard so it won't rip. Miss Allen handed us a 4 pieces of paper because they were only a size of a plant. SWISH!!! off we went. Toreka's team was winning then we past them.We were screaming at Joshua so he could quickly pass the cardboard to me and Mubasshira. We all leapt to the finish line and we were all dancing around.The team that came second was Angela's team, the team that came thrid was Toreka's team and the teams that came forth and fith were Lepa's team then Seini-Mino's.

We were so glad that we won. That was a very hard and co-operative game. But we still loved it.
I hope we do it again.