Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Little Red Riding Hood

This term at extension we have been making  parts of little red riding hood. In my group was me,Angela, Selena and Blessing. First we had to write a short part of little red riding hood then we had to deiced who was drawing what. I was drawing little red riding hood,Angela was drawing Background,Selena was drawing the mother and Blessing was drawing the Basket and the sandbox.Then we started. They got onto a computer and started drawing,while I was deciding "what should she wear"?I said to myself silently,Then I started.When we  finished we had to put it in a animation.Before we had to  put it into imovie we had  to export it to quicktime.Once  we exported it in to quicktime we dragged it in to imovie and started to edit it."ITS FINSHED" we said happily,now all we had to do now is share it to a .dv TO BE CONTINUED

If you want to find out how our imovie went,checkout triangle tv on Wednesday at 5.45 pm this week.   `

Thank you to Google images and www.encuentos.com for letting me use there picture
                                              KIA ORA                                      

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