Monday, December 20, 2010

Ambassador - Graphic Art

In 2010 I have been an ambassador for Pt England School.  My role has been to talk about my learning to hundreds of visitors who have come to our school from all over the country and around the world.

This video shows you what I had to say about how Graphic Art helps us learn - and is fun!

Ala - Graphic Art from KPE TV on Vimeo.

This is the transcript of my presentation:

"Graphic Art plays a very important part in our learning at Pt England School. Lots of our students are like me and love doing graphic art and are really good at it. This is because we start when we are really young. I started when I was 5 years old and I am still doing it!
Our new entrants begin by using Kid Pix to draw pictures about what they are learning and we just get better and better at it as we get older. No-one at our school is even allowed to use clip art! We draw our own pictures or take photos.

We start creating animations of our learning when we are very young too, and we all begin by making Kid Pix Slide shows. As we get older we learn to animate our work in programmes like Pixelmator, I Can Animate and iMovie. 

My favourite multimedia programe is Hyperstudio and I like using it to create animations of the things I write about. 

Then I publish them on my blog for the whole world to see and give me feedback.

My favourite part about publishing my animations is writing about what I have made and adding my point of view to it. 

Then people can tell me what they think. Creating animations is a great way to show people what we have been learning about, and everyone likes watching them. "

Minister Heatley speaking to us after we gave our presentation.

Minister of Housing, Phil Heatley, was one of the people we presented to this year.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


This year has been one of the most challenging and most exhilarating years that I have ever had! Enjoying camp,learning about things that I didn’t know and even doing art! Being a Year 6 is SO much fun!

Writing was the hardest subject that I had to do! Actually I didn’t start off that great! Taking in Miss Gardens ideas and words helped me to improve a LOT! I was also making sure that my readers were getting hooked in and that they knew what I was writing about!

Prize-giving! Now that was the greatest part of the year! Getting rewards like: Sports woman of the year, Netball player of the year and even Performing arts!! It was AMAZING! But the best part that I liked was getting our ambassador award. I almost felt like crying!

Lastly I don’t think that I’m that GREAT at maths. I don’t even think that I remember the last few strategies, only Compensation, equal addition and tidy tens! I guess I hadn’t tried THAT hard. What I would love to do is try my best next year and improve on remembering strategies. I just know that this could help me succeed later in life!

Enjoying the last year of being a year 6 student has been challenging and also EXHILARATING! Even though that some times were rough, I knew that I could get through it!
Knowing that Miss Garden believes in me and helps me refine my work is a HUGE help!


Well, this is a movie happily made by 4 Rm 17 students! Representing OLD SKOOLZ!! I hope you enjoy it!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

" The Night Stinger! "

The Katipo spider is poisonous.
This spider is an in danger specie and is native to New Zealand.
In fact another name for katipo is ' Night Stinger!

The katipo is a medium size spider and the males are smaller then the females!!
The katipo mostly eat beetles and is found in the North Island of New Zealand!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


As a flustered feeling came over me, I walked over to the hall murmuring to myself “ You can do it “ knowing that I would do better than last year. BANG!As I put the chair down all I could think about was MATHS, MATHS, MATHS!

This was the very FIRST day of Pt England Exams!

As butterflies started to circulate in my stomach my hands started to shake!Quivering like the earthquake down in CHRISTCHURCH! “ Come on Ala, you CAN do it” I whispered to myself, knowing that maths was my WORST ( And I mean WORST ) nightmare of ALL exams!

As I wrote more and more answers, my palms started to get sweaty. Dripping on the exam SHEET! Breathing in and out I had finally made it to the second to last page. I put my head up looking around me seeing that EVERY one was on their LAST page. “ Come on Ala, concentrate” I mumbled. But my mind had suddenly went BLANK!

My body felt like it had been covered with ICE! But I knew that, that wouldn’t stop me yet! One by one I dashed through every single question, hopefully getting every question accurate.
Proceeding to the next page, I actually felt like I had finally defeated MATHS!

Making it to the 3rd to last question, my mind started to tick! Ticking like a BOMB! “ Do I have enough time to finish?” looking to the left side of the hall! “ 40 seconds left!” Mr Jacobson had shouted! Could I finish with just two answers left!

“ 10, 9, 8 ,7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!” Mr Jacobson exclaimed.Finally finishing the last to questions I sighed with relief! With tired eyes ready to come to a close, I happily proved my self that I had done better than last year! Even though my body had froze up and my mind went blank I still finished it no matter what!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Beautiful, Luminescent Fly!

What beautiful luminescent fly catches those pesky mosquitoes?

If you don't know the answer then sit back and enjoy the ( short ) show!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

In The Jungle

SWISH!SWISH! As the wind was blowing my hair the jungle went SILENT! The trees swayed side to side as my shoes smushed in to the gooey, slimy mud!! “Err “ i said shaking like an earthquake!! It was the third night of Totara Springs camp!!

“H-H-hey!” I stammered, patting Thearesa’s shoulder! “ I think I saw something” I said . “W-W-What was it” she replied , shaking me like a vibrating phone! We both briskley looked in front of us until......... “Aaaaa!!” an ugly, wild gorilla scared us!! My heart felt like it was about to STOP!! “This was a bad idea” I murmmed.

As my eyes started to clog up with tears, I coould hear the dew drops falling to the ground. “Come on girls!” Cara ( Our leader ) said. “ We can’t stop NOW!” Unexpectedly the rope started to quiver!! But that wasn’t all. The foot steps off someones shoes started to get closer and closer. “OMG! Whos that?” Thearesa exclaimed.

“ Arrrrgggghhhh!” we screamed , getting water blasted in my face. By then my eyes started to get bigger and bigger as we got closer to the end!DROP!DROP! I started to freeze up like an slippery ice-cube! “ Im freezing!!” I said as we walked up the unseen stairs!

“Oga Boga!” I heard, as the lights were expanding! The tribe were teaching the kids songs that they had sung many years ago. I had thought!” WERE HERE!!!” I heard Cara scream ! Thearesa had finally let me go QUICKLEY getting a nicProxy-Connection: keep-alive
Cache-Control: max-age=0

HOT chocolate and a chocolate biscut!

At the end of it all I thought that going through the jungle was an experience. Even though some poeple weren’t wanting to do it, they still took part! I was So reliefed that I had got through it!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Polynesian Settlers

Kia ora, Talofa lava, Malo e Lelei and kia orana! This term we have been learning about Mighty Mariners and also the Polynesian Settlers. This is my movie that is all about that actually!

I hope that you like it!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fia Fia Night

Fia Fia night, the night when our WHOLE school gets to preform to family, neighbours and friends!! The night when we all show the whole neighbourhood what we have and what we are good at!

Now for Fia Fia night I will be representing my maori side and also will be showing Glen Innes a Bollywood dance.The Bollywood dance was to show people that anyone in the world is great at ANYTHING and you should try something new!!

If you don't know what Fia Fia night is all about, well let me explain!! Fia Fia night is all about the different cultures and different types of movements ( dances ) .

I hope that you, readers get to see some of my work on the stage very, very soon!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Whats So Special About A KIWI?

Intro: Some birds build nests in tall trees-Kiwis don’t
Many birds can fly in the morning breeze- Kiwis can’t
A bunch of birds have bright and colourful feathers - kiwis certainly don’t have that!

But out of all the different kinds of birds, I still think that kiwis are the best!
Kiwis ARE COOL!!

Size:It’s not that they’re all that small. Their average size is about the same length as a rugby ball! The smallest kiwi is spotted smaller than a cat, It lives in the WHOLE of New Zealand!

These kiwis can be really BIG!! The biggest one is TWICE as big as a rugby ball.These species live in the north island such as Mt Ruapehu and the central of Taranaki and Hawkes Bay!

Appearence: And I suppose you wouldn’t exactly call many of them beautiful or even dazziling KIWIS!. Their colour’s a just DULL and there plumage is just plain brown.The feathers aren’t as richly coloured as normal birds. They grow a 20 cm bill on the front of their bodies which looks really ridiculous. Imagine giving them a Hongi, it will be really difficult.

Flightless: Many people think Kiwis don’t have wings . But they do! If you look under their dreary sepia plumage, then you’ll find a small pink wing. Their wings are as tiny as our PINKYS! Can you believe that !! Because I can’t.

Also you wouldn’t even BELIEVE what they do with their bills. It’s absolutely AMAZING!
As they crawl out of the bushes they poke there 20 cm bills into the dirt to catch the delicious prey. When they have most of there bills ducked into the dirt they would be able to smell 3 cm below the ground.

And there you have it! How could you possibly resist a fat blubbery, dull coffee- coloured, bill picker and flightless kiwi?

If kiwis aren’t cool, then I don't know what is?

Cross Country

Cross Country Narrative:

With my heart pounding and a body trembling with fear, I looked around noticing age signs on
chairs and bright colours walking around the school. “ Aaaaaaaa!!” I screamed “ Cross Country? Why would they do this to us kids!! The horror, the pain”

As I had closed my eyes , butterflies started flying around and around, making me sick!! I thought that if I could ring my Mum then I could get out of this mess and she could explain to my teacher that I couldn’t run. As my class had strolled out of the classroom, I thought that I had the chance but then “ Come on Ala , the race is nearly starting!!” I heard Miss Garden say “ Ohh, why God, why does this have to happen to me!!”I whispered to myself

As I stood up ready to walk over to the starting line, my face started to go green!! I couldn’t bare the agony anymore , but I couldn’t let Tainui ( my Team) down. As Mr Burt walked over to the start line,through the gluey, sticky mud he was ready to start the race. “On your mark” “ No!” I whispered to myself, putting my legs apart in position, “ Get Set!” ......... “ BANG!”

Zooming past many 11 year old girls, I could already feel the spongy mud between my toes.... “yuck”.As the throng went soundless, I had just passed the gate, making my way to the reserve. My heart started pounding, while my throat was screaming for icy cold water.As a lethargic feeling had came over me, my knee started to burn like scorching hot lava.But I knew that it wouldn’t get in the way! “ 100m away” I had said to myself, knowing that I was running with excruciating pain.

“20m to go!” I said to myself!The multitude started to get louder and louder! As I nearly made it to the finish, I looked over my shoulder and saw Mubasshira trip! I couldn’t help but laugh!! My knee started to act like it was the boss of me, saying to stop!! But I couldn’t!
“ Come on Ala, Don’t let your team down” I had exclaimed, I was just a few metres away from the people being proud of me!!

“I”ve made it!” I shouted, coming.. coming LAST!! I looked around me and had just noticed that everyone was laughing at me!! I thought that I had came first, pushing my luck!! But I didn’t. I hadn’t thought that I could come this far, non STOP

At the end of every Cross Country event, I think even though I was pushing myself to excel in the 11 year old Cross Country run, I think that I am still proud of myself. For actually TRYING!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Bruno Mars: Just The Way You Are!!

Just The Way You Are, a song that describes many things about our body features and how we are beautiful just the way we are! I think this song gives us, girls a lot of detail on how we should treat our hair, face and more! I think that we should just be happy with the way we are because we are beautiful on the outside and the inside!!

So here is a little shout out to you girls, ladies and women ....

Monday, August 23, 2010

A Cold Winter Day With a Blossoming Tree?

As you all know in many countries it is now WINTER!!!
But if you haven't heard, the start of a blossoming tree had just started. Staring in a neighborhood, where I live!!!!
I only just noticed a few days ago. When I had been coming home from school. I saw a pink tree blossoming in the distance and so I asked myself " What!!! This can't be"
But it did!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Taio Cruz: Dynamite

Taio Cruz, one GREAT singer that has a smashing hit called DYNAMITE!!
Taio Cruz, to me was an unknown singer until this smashing hit had came out. At first I thought that he wasn't a good singer but over a certain time I listened to his songs over and over again. And guess what!! I LOVED his singing and I hope that you too!! So go on check it out.

I hope you like it!!
Written by a Pt England Student, Ala

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

.... My Vacation??

1. Sail to the South Coast to Treasure Island in Shark Bay. This is the first step to the secret Coral Cave.

2. As you head northwards to Coral Cave be sure to look out for the tumbling rocks from Black rock Mountain.

3. After a rocky start to the end of your life, head north west on Treasure Island with no fright. Take a plunge in the deadly Forest Of DOOM!! With trees that never, ever BLOOM!

4. "Err!" Then run northeast to Blood lake! and take a step on to the cracked lashed planks!!

5. Then navigate yourself eastwards to the Toxic, Poisonous Trenchers. And look for a golden key that might be covered in TEA!!

6. As you then POP out of the Toxic Trenchers than you might find yourself in a vampires coffin. Stab him straight in the heart or LOOK OUT FOR YOUR NECK!!

7. Then head southwards down to the 3 deadly doors. Pick one and see if you have found the treasure!!

8. If you had picked the red one then you have done it!!! You have found the treasure but the only thing left to do is find your way back to your boat!!!!

My Most Fondest Memories

In the late 2006, this was one of my fondest memories of me, my friends and also my own teacher, Mrs Nua. The reason why I had picked this particular year was because this was the time when I had made NEW friends, experienced something with my new teacher and I learned MORE!! My favourite part in 2006 was when our class made a yummy, divine snake. I know that it might sound weird but we made the snake out of biscuits, lollies and MORE!! Also when we had made our own Ice-cream. We had made cookies and cream, chocolate and Caramelo ice-cream!

I think that I will treasure that moment forever especially when it was my first day at school!!
I will treasure it in my heart and when ever I think about it!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Our Very Own Student Teacher..... Mr Prosee

Mr Prosee was a student teacher that had taught our class, Rm 17 many, many things. But sadly our very own student teacher had left us, leaving us, to try out a new school and to learn more things. I hope that he succeeds in life and that he becomes what he has been wanting to do!! This teacher had a great personality, leading us to success and also to other things. Thank you very much Mr Prosee, for all of the things that you had done!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Temptations: My Lady Soul

The famous ' Temptations' had also bring joy into me when I was down.
The melody of the song is like a melody of birds. Birds singing with joy!!
I think that this song is so great that I think that you should listen to it for your self if you are down! It makes you get up of your feet and never give up!

I think that the Temptations are really good singers. I hope that whoever out there wants to be a singer all you have to do is practice, practice and practice!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Stevie Wonder: You Are The Sunshine Of My Life!

You Are The Sunshine Of My Life! A song that had been sung by a famous singer called ' Stevie Wonder ' Someone that actually put sunshine into my life. The reason why I am writing about this song is because I also want someone to also experience it. I absoloutely LOVE this song!!! And I hope that you do too!

You Are The Sunshine Of My Life!

Becoming That Someone!

Becoming that someone is standing up to those who hurt you.
Becoming that someone is fa filling your dream!
Becoming that someone is a person that should believe in them selves.
Becoming that someone is taking a deep breath and facing your nightmares.
Becoming that someone is a person that always practices.

So whoever you are wanting to be all you and me have too do is do this!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Polynesian Settlers

Polynesian navigators discovered New Zealand in a way that none of us can do anymore.

Using the clouds, stars, ocean swells and birds as there very own compass. Clouds were used for navigating so they would know that land was near. When clouds were as if turned to stone that was when

the Polynesians knew that land was within reach. Clouds had also told people when they have passed over land. They could tell, by the leisurely clouds that move across the sky.


Taking a diverse of food, Polynesians provided food to feed there family’s and their selves.

Coconut was one of the most fruit that they had took. They used them for toliet paper, rope and fire,to cook there food.Pandana’s fruit was also another natural fruit that they had transported from East Polynesia to Aotearoa.They also used it’s leaves to develop sails. Animals would also travel on the journey to New Zealand,.The animals were killed when the polynesian people needed fresh meat

Polynesian Settlers

Hello everyone, it is that time when I write a post or put an animation on my blog and for now I am putting on an animation. So join in with me and lets rock the boat. Or maybe just watch my animation!! For information about what I have animated then here it is. I have animated a movie about the early polynesian settlers that had settled on Aotearoa. Some people say that some of Polynesians had orignaly came from ASIA!! I guess thats it from me!

I hope you enjoy!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Maori Polynesian Settlers!

Approximately 1000 years ago, Polynesians were the very first settlers, to settle on Aotearoa, New Zealand. But did you know, once they had settled in New Zealand they were know as Maoris. These early settlers came from East of Polynesia! Travelling by canoes.

Trained navigators used stars by night, birds and sea swells by day. With a gust of wind, a turbulent storm had came by. Killing most Polynesians on their journey to New Zealand!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Mighty Mariners, a name that would lead us to success and to learn more! This is the topic we, Pt England school will be learning about for many weeks. If you haven't heard about Mighty Mariners then let me explain.

Mighty Mariners are people that are of course Mighty but there is just one word that maybe you won't understand. That word is ' Marines ' a word that gives people, like us the MAIN topic that we are learning about. But what does Mariners mean? Well it means that people travel by boat to other countries.

Mighty Mariners had been a topic mystery for us kids just for 2 weeks. Leading us to ' What is our topic ' and also ' What are we learning '. I have NO idea WHY our teachers keep it a mystery , probably because they can dress up weird and try and

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Our Final Countdown

For many kiwi people in New Zealand, it is know Saturday the 17Th of July. A cold frosty night, that has one more day before Primary school and other schools that starts! The day to get your uniform ready and to get up, off bed, brushing your hair for the first day to strive to succeed!

So say with me New Zealand " Our Final Countdown Starts Today " to reach for NEW goals and to Never Give Up! To believe in your self and to also listen to your teachers. To level a NEW brain level and to be a GREAT Pt Englander ( or another school that you go to or teach ! ) . To say to yourself that you CAN do it and to last but not least do well, so you can know that further in life you can succeed by doing JUST these things ( or more ) . Come on NZ ( and other countries ) lets STRIVE TO SUCCEED!

Also thank you to Christian D. Larson for this message! I hope that this message would lead kids from all around the world successful! THANK YOU!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

3 More Days Till School!

For many kiwi kids the count down has started with exactly 3 days to go, before we wake up early pack our bags and head to school for another grueling term of success.

For some, this could be a start of another nightmare. But for many like myself and I believe most of my Best Friends, the end of school holidays means we finally get to see each other, hang out and reach for our goals at school. I cant wait...

So boys, girls and Best Friends, as you can read we have a choice to make strive to succeed happen at your school and enjoy each day we learn. But their is also another choice. Such as not listening to our teachers ( that have put a lot of their time into us ) . Also to talk to our friends and not listening to our teacher!! Some of you, Pt England students and students that are reading this, would probably go with the second choice but if you ' Stop Think and Do ' like how our principle ( Mr Burt) says, then you might succeed later in life. Even if you are in a mess, say to yourself " Stop Think and Do " and it may lead your way out of it.

So would choice would you choose!
Leave a comment down below:

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Last Week of Our Holiday!

If you haven't known, for all of the Pt England students that go to Pt England ( of course ) it is our 2 week holiday but it is now slowly finishing!! What I have enjoyed about this holiday is having a break off school like not doing any homework or school work but what I've have been missing the most about school is my friends. Somethings that I have done for my holidays is cooking and other things but I have been mostly just sitting at home doing NOTHING!!! But that isn't going to let me down because on the 14th of July it is my.... BIRTHDAY!!! and I am turning 11!!

My term 2 experience all about volcanoes was a real blast because we had got to make movies about things that we have learn't about. If you would like to see one then just scroll down and find ' My Tarawera Experience ' . I also loved going on trips to discover all the things the formed Mt Eden and also other things. I think that these 2 things were probably the best thing that I have done in term 2!!

If any teachers from Pt England school is reading this then I would like to say thank you for everything you have done and for taking your time out foe teaching us amazing things that we haven't learn't. It was a real blast! Also thank you for teaching us things that can help us later in life!!


Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Tarawera Experience

This term, as you all know we have been learning about volcano's. That are in New Zealand. The extension group have put together a movie describing before and after a volcanic eruption in Wairoa. The main volcano that was there was called ' Tarawera' .

Tarawera has three craters, that had killed millions of people in Wairoa! It had erupt back in 1886. But my video is about the beautiful and dazzling ' Pink and White Terraces'. If you would like to know more about tarawera then click on this url which will take you to one of my friend, Selena's blog to tell you more!

Each and every one of us had been put in a group and had done separate types of episodes. Me and Starford had been animating, filming and also taking pictures about the Pink and White Terraces. So sit back and enjoy the show!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

My Worst Nightmare!!

BANG! BANG! BANG! The butcher was back in town! He hit the outside of the door violently, with an axe! I stood back, panicking , taking deep but fast breaths! I had no where to go! Now where to escape! The sound was expanding, he was getting closer and closer until.....

He had finally got to me. The door had cracked, opening to reveal ' The Butcher ' My eyes grew big, as my pupils were getting smaller! I then closed my eyes, taking my last breath! " BYE" I whispered.

Whoosh! I heard the butchers axe sway. I then opened my eyes and saw the axe coming right at my face. Suddenly I ducked, pushing my way through his legs. His temper had appeared. I couldn't see his face, he was once again shaded by the closet! My heart started to pound, like it was racing other hearts to the finish!

Then suddenly he was raising his hands, holding the old, rusty axe! " Please! DON'T! " I exclaimed but he didn't listen. Could my blood appear on that axe " I had whispered.

SPLASH!! my own blood was splatting out on to my own killer who was my-my DAD!! Had he come outof the shadow with the axe? How could this be?

My Dad stood back looking at his hands, looking at all the blood! he had started to get dizzy! Panicking like he was about to have an heart attack. Once again, he raised the axe but this time he had turned it to him self. I looked up, struggling, taking my last look until.....

SPLAT!! His own blood had appeared on me! Then I suddenly slammed my back on the ground. Slowly I closed my eyes. As this was the last day of my life!


Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Presentation!

Graphic art plays a very important part in our learning at Pt England school. Lots of our students are like me and love doing graphic art and are really good at it.This is because we start when we are really young! I started when I was 5 years old! And I'm still doing it. Our new entrants start of by using Kid Pix to draw their own pictures about what they are learning. And we just get better and better at it as we get older. No one at our school is even allowed to use clip art. We draw our own pictures or take photos.

We start creating animations of our learning when we are very young too and we all begin by making Kid Pix Slide shows. As we get older we learn to animate our work in programmes like Pixelmator, I can Animate and iMovie. My favourite multimedia programme is hyperstudio and I like using it to create animations of the things I write about. Then I publish them on my blog for the hole world to see and give me feedback. Did you know that Roger Wagner, the man who invented Hyperstudio asked our school to be the beta testers of his new versions! He really likes how we use Hyperstudio and he even showed my work and some of my friends at the Mac world convention in America this year!

My favourite part about publishing my animations is writing what I have made and adding my point of view to it. Then I publish it on my blog for the whole world to see and give me feed back! i think that this is a great way to show people what we have been learning about and everyone likes watching them!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Learning About Somalia

These last 2 weeks we have been learning about Somalia and the wars that have been happening. If you watch this movie you would also be able to see and watch the deadly things that happens. So sit back and relax!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Our Hokey Pokey Invention

Have you ever wondered what hokey pokey and lava have in common Well I do. On the 25th of May we made hokey pokey because Mr Hunia wanted to show us how lava reacts, after it has come out of the volcano.
The Making Of It....

Hmmmm!I could smell the sensational sweet sugar and golden syrup dissolving making a caramel colour . It was like, I was in another dimension in-in candy land! As the sugar and golden syrup bubbled away a froth of white baking soda had been put in making chemical reactions! When he had finished the hokey pokey it was like a viscous liquid.... which is just like lava.

As the frothy foamy Hokey pokey mixture was smothered on the tray, we waited anxiously for it to cool. Once it was hard and brittle it like tough caramel toffee ready to be eaten.

The Tasting Time...

As we ate it, a lump of BAKING SODA had filled my mouth making me run to the bin and spitting it out like I was spewing . I was wondering WHY that had happened, WHY!! I anxiously finished the rest hoping that there would NOT be another dump of baking soda ready to fly into my mouth... and there wasn't. I finally took my last gulp.

At the end of that fantastic day of learning and making I think that it had all worked out ALRIGHT! Nothing had turned out wrong ( only the hokey pokey ) and I think that, that is an end of a GREAT morning!! ( kind of )

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010

What had Ever Happened?

Many, many years ago the Pink and White Terraces, the eighth wanderer of our natural world had laid peacefully. Getting attention from everyone around the world.

The beautiful crystal hot bathing water shined in the Pink Terraces while the hot air would make your face go RED!!!! The white terraces had also had the crystallized hot bathing water ready for the plunge of tourists from around the world.

People from all around the world had came to see it for exactly 10 POUNDS!!!!! Amazing isn't it? Well as I said people from all around the world had came to see the Pink and White Terraces to bath, paint and be astonished by the beauty of it but what had ever happened to the Pink and White Terraces?

Well here is your answer!!!

It had all began back in 1886, the 10Th of June at 2.30 am. The three peeks, Tarawera, Whanga and Ruawahia where blasting triple columns of smoke and ash thousands of meters out into the SKY! Suddenly a blast of lava, volcanic lightning had created a beautiful scene of fireworks! But sadly had destroyed the Pink and White Terraces!!!

If you think that you have a different answer then leave me a comment !

Friday, May 14, 2010

Active Earth

Ora my fellow readers, here is a animation that I have put together showing how earthquakes
are produced, so sit back and enjoy the show!

Monday, May 10, 2010

"Claudia and the New Girl"

"Claudia and the New Girl" by Ann. M Martin is a book in the well known Babysitters Club series. Toreka and Ala from Room 17 have chosen this book for their latest podcast for KPE.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Presentation

Kia ora, Talofa Lava and Malo e lelei. Recently I have been reading an adventures and tragic book called CRASH! written by William Taylor a New Zealand author. Many, many of his books a very, very interesting but I think this story is just right. Crash has four main characters in this story, Poddy, Jack the brother , George the Dad and Sue the Mother.

This story is about Poddy a 4 year old boy that has Down Syndrome and saved the lives of 2 people. When he, Jack and George had set of to the football game their Mother had reminded them to not go up the hill because the farmer had been letting the herd of cows go and have a little roam, but they did. Then suddenly they had CRASH! Badly they had tumbled down the hill and crash landed in the meadow bank. Jack and George had serious injuries but Poddy didn't.

Once Poddy had known that he had been in a car crash he decided to go and get help.

Making himself up the road he looks back and says" I go get help, I go get help!" very loudly knowing that his Dad and Brother would not answer. After a long time roaming in the darkness he finally gets help from two lady's called Marion and Liz. They quickly wrap him around a blanket and gets in the car to see if there was a telephone near by because their cellphone had no service. Suddenly they had spotted one. They had rang the ambulance and the police station. Once they had all arrived his teacher who teaches him scouts tells Sue the big news. They quickly drive over and saw Poddy just standing there being guarding by Marion and Liz.

If you would like to now the rest of the story you can go to our K.P.E blog and look it up.
I think i would recommend this book to 10 to 13 year olds because it can tell them that because you can't do things that are hard for you to never give up or that maybe, just maybe you can prove yourself that you can do mostly anything.

No reira, tena katou, tena katou, tena katou ka toa.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

To My Friends!

My friends Selena, Seini-Mino, Mubasshira, Angela and Toreka are the best friends that I have ever had. From bad times to good times we had made it through. From when we were all little to now we have known that our friendship will still be here, at Pt England. From the fights that we have had and the hating that we think of each other we will always know that deep down in our hearts we will always be friends. From the tragic things that has been happening in the pacific, to our families we now that our friendship will protect and cure it. To me I think that our friendship is so strong that nothing will tear us a part ( only when we go to different intermediates ) But all of us now that our friendship doesn't go first, God does!

We will try and do anything to keep it going but we now that sometimes it is impossible. "We have to move on " my Mum says but I will always disagree. Even though that we have tried our hardest I think that it was that time when we have to move on.

Down deep inside of me I just now that this will be the last year that we spend together from everything that I had said up above. The tears will slowly come down our faces as we take the last hug, and the last time that we spend together! Then slowly we walk away from each other remembering those joyful times, that will never escape from our heads. Then the final wave will appear and the tear!

Taking a deep breath we will now that our friendship will still be in our hearts! Remembering Selena, Seini-Mino, Mubasshira, Angela and Toreka.

My New Wordle

My new wordle has finally launched and it is that time to say thank you to Mrs Burt for teaching us how to do it. If you are reading this once again thank you. I think that wordle helps us a lot because it can show us the word that we have been using to much like , 'LIKE'

Anyways thank you once again Mrs burt, you are a really great teacher, to everyone!
What can we do without you!

Never Let You Go!

"Never let You Go" is a song that is sang by Justin Bieber. Out of all the other songs
in the world this is my favourite one. "Never let You Go" is a type of song to
sing, dance and mostly to listen to by you! Justin Bieber is also my favourite
singer. He has so many songs that he has sang that you thing
that is more better then this one for e.g Baby.

"Never let You Go" has a chorus that sounds just like "Forever" sang by a different artist called Chris Brown. After the abuse that he had done to Rihanna I think that he isn't important anymore. Anyways my favourite thing about this song is the melody in it.

It is so great that it has even got my friend under the spell.
Well anyways "Never let You Go" is my favourite song.
What about you! Let me now by commenting
on this post.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Purplicious !

Purple is like a beautiful sunset.
Purple is like a rose just blossoming.
Purple is like a lavender spreading the lovely scent of it.
Purple is like a chain of beautiful orchids ready to appear on your head.
Purple is like a Grape hyacinth cupped ready to have a drink of water!
Purple is like a colour that will express your feelings in many ways.
Purple is like a royalty and luxury colour mixed with the primary hot red and cold blue.

Purple can be explained as anything. Just like these ones.
Purple is my favourite colour, what about you!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


A war has appeared. Adults and children have been running for many days. Dust is surrounding them having no where to seek or go. People then get shot and slowly bend down to there knees. They have died. A sad end to there lives had finally came. But some people had survived. The also bend down to there knees crying there hearts out. They remember them in peace. R.I.P

Monday, April 19, 2010

My Pic-lits!

Love will still exist through bad times and good times.
The heart of yours will beat once you have found your true love.
Once you fall asleep this might pop back into your head,
and couldn't escape.

Love is a relationship that is just like your family.
Even if they are mates or your best friends you should love every one.
But most of all God!

Love could be explained in manyways.
But you just have to remember that God had made you.
Love him even more!

Active Earth

This term Pt England School are learning about Active Earth, which is all about Volcanoes and how they perform. We have also been learning about how earthquakes performimg tsunamis.

What I have learnt is that the crater of the volcanoe has many layers just like the earth. It has the crust, the mantle, the outer core and the inner core.

I have also learnt that once the plates either hit each other or go's on top of each other it performs an earthquake which will perform an tsunami.

I think that learning about volcanoes would be great. Also it would be great to find out things that we haven't known before!

A big thanks to management/tours/pic for the great picture!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Milford Beach, Here We Come!

It is the last day of the holidays and it is time to have fun! " Milford BEACH, Milford BEACH " I sang happily. I was already bouncing up and down in the car. Suddenly we had got there. Milford beach is great to do almost anything! And when you see the sun going down it looks really pretty!

So ... once we had got there I opened the door pushing my way through and ran straight to the spot that I thought that we should sit at, but sadly we had moved. We had suddenly parked ourselves where the trees were swaying and the wind annoyingly bugging our head. " Hmmmm! This is definitely NOT better then my spot!" I angrily said.

As my Dad was laying down the mat I looked at my legs and noticed that there were bumps every where. " Is it pimples on my legs, is it houses for the little bugs' I said to myself," No! it wasn't, it was goosebumps!" . Now this was a serious move.

Once we had finished our delicious Kai moana , I had thought that we should hunt, but the.....TREES! As fast as a cheetah I had raced my little sister to the trees. Once we had made our fist step Maraina (My little sister, which is 2 years old) had already fallen off the tree.
'Ambulance, ambulance!" I had screamed, my brother had rushed over! Once he had picked my little sister up nothing was wrong. " All that time screaming, my lungs had really hurt!" I had whispered to myself.

The day was perfectly finished by a good game of cricket. Well not for me! We had packed up and drove back home. " First in the shower!' I had said.

I think the best part for the day for me was when I was climbing the trees. Even though my lungs where seeking for air I had finally got it. I also think that I have to actually see if something is wrong before my lungs die! And also to trust my sister to see if she is not faking it!