Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Purplicious !

Purple is like a beautiful sunset.
Purple is like a rose just blossoming.
Purple is like a lavender spreading the lovely scent of it.
Purple is like a chain of beautiful orchids ready to appear on your head.
Purple is like a Grape hyacinth cupped ready to have a drink of water!
Purple is like a colour that will express your feelings in many ways.
Purple is like a royalty and luxury colour mixed with the primary hot red and cold blue.

Purple can be explained as anything. Just like these ones.
Purple is my favourite colour, what about you!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


A war has appeared. Adults and children have been running for many days. Dust is surrounding them having no where to seek or go. People then get shot and slowly bend down to there knees. They have died. A sad end to there lives had finally came. But some people had survived. The also bend down to there knees crying there hearts out. They remember them in peace. R.I.P

Monday, April 19, 2010

My Pic-lits!

Love will still exist through bad times and good times.
The heart of yours will beat once you have found your true love.
Once you fall asleep this might pop back into your head,
and couldn't escape.

Love is a relationship that is just like your family.
Even if they are mates or your best friends you should love every one.
But most of all God!

Love could be explained in manyways.
But you just have to remember that God had made you.
Love him even more!

Active Earth

This term Pt England School are learning about Active Earth, which is all about Volcanoes and how they perform. We have also been learning about how earthquakes performimg tsunamis.

What I have learnt is that the crater of the volcanoe has many layers just like the earth. It has the crust, the mantle, the outer core and the inner core.

I have also learnt that once the plates either hit each other or go's on top of each other it performs an earthquake which will perform an tsunami.

I think that learning about volcanoes would be great. Also it would be great to find out things that we haven't known before!

A big thanks to management/tours/pic for the great picture!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Milford Beach, Here We Come!

It is the last day of the holidays and it is time to have fun! " Milford BEACH, Milford BEACH " I sang happily. I was already bouncing up and down in the car. Suddenly we had got there. Milford beach is great to do almost anything! And when you see the sun going down it looks really pretty!

So ... once we had got there I opened the door pushing my way through and ran straight to the spot that I thought that we should sit at, but sadly we had moved. We had suddenly parked ourselves where the trees were swaying and the wind annoyingly bugging our head. " Hmmmm! This is definitely NOT better then my spot!" I angrily said.

As my Dad was laying down the mat I looked at my legs and noticed that there were bumps every where. " Is it pimples on my legs, is it houses for the little bugs' I said to myself," No! it wasn't, it was goosebumps!" . Now this was a serious move.

Once we had finished our delicious Kai moana , I had thought that we should hunt, but the.....TREES! As fast as a cheetah I had raced my little sister to the trees. Once we had made our fist step Maraina (My little sister, which is 2 years old) had already fallen off the tree.
'Ambulance, ambulance!" I had screamed, my brother had rushed over! Once he had picked my little sister up nothing was wrong. " All that time screaming, my lungs had really hurt!" I had whispered to myself.

The day was perfectly finished by a good game of cricket. Well not for me! We had packed up and drove back home. " First in the shower!' I had said.

I think the best part for the day for me was when I was climbing the trees. Even though my lungs where seeking for air I had finally got it. I also think that I have to actually see if something is wrong before my lungs die! And also to trust my sister to see if she is not faking it!

The Final Countdown!

Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven, Six, Five, Four, Three, Two and One! It is the final countdown before school and I am already bouncing up and down ready for the big day! But what I am most looking forward to is what this term is going to be about . I have been guessing that it would be something about the dinosaur's again but a little bit different but hey! that's just me and what it might possibly be. The other thing that I am looking forward to is the netball trials . I have been getting more and more excited, so I can show off my skills. And also looking forward to see my friends.

So leave a comment and help me count down !

Friday, April 16, 2010


Netball for 2010 is starting at Pt England school and yes! it is that time again, when Pt England school girls or boys competes with other schools to win! But wait.... not exactly yet. There are 2 more days until school and it is time to get ready for the trials. Netball for me is like competing against other people around the world and trying to do my best every day but at school. In the future I would love to be a Netball player and show my family that I can succeed at it. Netball had started for me when I was 6 years old and I have been doing it ever since. I think when the trials come up, I would do my best to get into to the team, so I can verse other people. I also think that netball is a great sport ( not when you sprang an ankle) and might be great for all the other young ones out there. From Ala , I say to the young ones train and never give up and then you will succeed!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Tiring Holidays!

"YAY!" I started screaming, I was waving my hands up in the air because we were going up north. The last thew days was a shock when I heard that my Mum and Dad where going to Australia and leaving us behind with my little sister. I was having to look after her all week while my brother and sister were doing sports. "Nooooooo" I started to scream in horror! I really was happy to go up north but I had to look after Maraina ( my little sister) again. And if you don't know I am 10 years old and I still have to do this.

Once we had got up there "click!" went my seat belt and "BANG!" went the car door. I hopped out of the car ready to get my bags when......... " Ala, please get your sister out of the car " I heard my Aunty say. It was 5.00 a clock in the morning when we got there. I was already tired to get her but I had no other choice.

Another day had came and we where going to the pools. Then we had got there. I got into my gear and nearly jumped into the pools when once again" Ala, take your sister to the shallow pools and play with her!" My Nana had yelled nearly losing her voice. " Far man " I said groaning to myself . Once Maraina was in I went to bomb when" BANG!" I hit my head first to the ground then my stomach and then the rest. I was so injured that it was time to go home. " At least I don't have to watch Maraina " I had whispered to myself.

At the end of the day I had to go to the Doctors to get me some medicine. Even though my holiday didn't work out as planned at least I didn't have to look after my sister after all!

"YAYYYY" I screamed

Saturday, April 3, 2010

What I Miss

Kia ora my readers. It is now as all of you know the 3rd of April and I am already missing school. I know that it sounds weird but hey! But what I am really is all of my friends. Every time I read my duffy books it reminds me of all of my friends reading with me. Also when I see people playing it reminds me and my friends playing. So far my holiday has been great.

The disco from the last day of school was great . The music was kicking and the darkness of the disco was so cool that I almost bumped into every person that I had met. At the end of school I was almost going to cry.

Well by for now!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Character Day!!the1st

Today is the 1st of April and it is the last day of the term! But the great thing about the last day of the term is that school will be finishing( Yaaaaaa) . We had to dress up as a movie character which was created by our own prefects! So I would like to give a lovely bye for now and I will see you readers next week! Bye!!