Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Maori Polynesian Settlers!

Approximately 1000 years ago, Polynesians were the very first settlers, to settle on Aotearoa, New Zealand. But did you know, once they had settled in New Zealand they were know as Maoris. These early settlers came from East of Polynesia! Travelling by canoes.

Trained navigators used stars by night, birds and sea swells by day. With a gust of wind, a turbulent storm had came by. Killing most Polynesians on their journey to New Zealand!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Mighty Mariners, a name that would lead us to success and to learn more! This is the topic we, Pt England school will be learning about for many weeks. If you haven't heard about Mighty Mariners then let me explain.

Mighty Mariners are people that are of course Mighty but there is just one word that maybe you won't understand. That word is ' Marines ' a word that gives people, like us the MAIN topic that we are learning about. But what does Mariners mean? Well it means that people travel by boat to other countries.

Mighty Mariners had been a topic mystery for us kids just for 2 weeks. Leading us to ' What is our topic ' and also ' What are we learning '. I have NO idea WHY our teachers keep it a mystery , probably because they can dress up weird and try and

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Our Final Countdown

For many kiwi people in New Zealand, it is know Saturday the 17Th of July. A cold frosty night, that has one more day before Primary school and other schools that starts! The day to get your uniform ready and to get up, off bed, brushing your hair for the first day to strive to succeed!

So say with me New Zealand " Our Final Countdown Starts Today " to reach for NEW goals and to Never Give Up! To believe in your self and to also listen to your teachers. To level a NEW brain level and to be a GREAT Pt Englander ( or another school that you go to or teach ! ) . To say to yourself that you CAN do it and to last but not least do well, so you can know that further in life you can succeed by doing JUST these things ( or more ) . Come on NZ ( and other countries ) lets STRIVE TO SUCCEED!

Also thank you to Christian D. Larson for this message! I hope that this message would lead kids from all around the world successful! THANK YOU!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

3 More Days Till School!

For many kiwi kids the count down has started with exactly 3 days to go, before we wake up early pack our bags and head to school for another grueling term of success.

For some, this could be a start of another nightmare. But for many like myself and I believe most of my Best Friends, the end of school holidays means we finally get to see each other, hang out and reach for our goals at school. I cant wait...

So boys, girls and Best Friends, as you can read we have a choice to make strive to succeed happen at your school and enjoy each day we learn. But their is also another choice. Such as not listening to our teachers ( that have put a lot of their time into us ) . Also to talk to our friends and not listening to our teacher!! Some of you, Pt England students and students that are reading this, would probably go with the second choice but if you ' Stop Think and Do ' like how our principle ( Mr Burt) says, then you might succeed later in life. Even if you are in a mess, say to yourself " Stop Think and Do " and it may lead your way out of it.

So would choice would you choose!
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Last Week of Our Holiday!

If you haven't known, for all of the Pt England students that go to Pt England ( of course ) it is our 2 week holiday but it is now slowly finishing!! What I have enjoyed about this holiday is having a break off school like not doing any homework or school work but what I've have been missing the most about school is my friends. Somethings that I have done for my holidays is cooking and other things but I have been mostly just sitting at home doing NOTHING!!! But that isn't going to let me down because on the 14th of July it is my.... BIRTHDAY!!! and I am turning 11!!

My term 2 experience all about volcanoes was a real blast because we had got to make movies about things that we have learn't about. If you would like to see one then just scroll down and find ' My Tarawera Experience ' . I also loved going on trips to discover all the things the formed Mt Eden and also other things. I think that these 2 things were probably the best thing that I have done in term 2!!

If any teachers from Pt England school is reading this then I would like to say thank you for everything you have done and for taking your time out foe teaching us amazing things that we haven't learn't. It was a real blast! Also thank you for teaching us things that can help us later in life!!