Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Languge of Success

This whole term at Pt England school we are learning about how to use formal language or informal language to other people.
So what is the language of success I hear you say ? Well, formal language means that if you talk to our prime minister you would say something like this "Hello, may I please have a photo with you?" and that is what formal language is. Informal language means when you talk to your friends you would say "Whats up? What you doing?" and that is informal language.
I have explained what formal and Informal language means. Now lets see what you know about the language of success! Please leave me a comment using formal language.


  1. Ala well done. I really liked your post about formal and informal language and I think that you wrote it really well. Also what a good idea to ask people to leave a comment for you using formal language. Great thinking! Keep it up.

  2. Hey Ala

    That is a really cool story.
    We really liked it .
    Yes we are using Formal language this Year.
    Talk to you later.

    From Mubasshira and Sylvia