Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tyrannosaurus Rex

T-Rex is a meat-eating dinosaur.
Yearning for yummy dinosaurs to eat!!!
Right away he runs with speed to catch its prey.
Another name for Tyrannosaurus Rex is"King Tyrant".
Now I know that a Allosaurus is releated to a T-Rex.
Next was the T-Rex that came in line,Allosaurus was one of the most deadliest meat-eating dinosaur but now it is a T-Rex .
On his head you would see that he had telescopic eyes.
Seeking with his telescopic eyes he would also smell dinosaurs with his powerful nose sense.
All dinosaurs are scared of him.
Razor blade teeth gnashing them
Up and down
Suddenly it grabs its prey.
Ripping of its skin with its powerful teeth
Eating away thinking it's scrumshes
Xtremely dangerous.

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  1. Hey Ala

    That was a great story you wrote about a Tyrannosaurus Rex because you are a great story writer so can you teach me how to write great story's like you do Please!!! Ala. Any way that was a great story you wrote.

    your sincerely Jarna