Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What is Most important to me?

The most important thing to me is my family they have cared for me since I was a little Baby especially my Mum.I have loved my sister my brother and my parents(not really my brother or sister)and especially the ones that love me.I have learnt from my parents allot of things like not fighting with my sister especially my brother,doing the house work,listening to what my parents say and other things too.If I had to say one thing to my family I would say "THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU".I always wish that nothing will happen to my family and I always pray to God that he will guide as all the way but I'm glad that we are still one happily family.

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  1. Hi Ala,

    What a great story about your family. You care a lot for your family. I care for my family alot as well as you do for your family. My family also loves me a lot. ALl parents love their children. Now I will talk to you later you might want to visit my blog to see what I am up to.

    Thank you