Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fia Fia Night

Fia Fia night, the night when our WHOLE school gets to preform to family, neighbours and friends!! The night when we all show the whole neighbourhood what we have and what we are good at!

Now for Fia Fia night I will be representing my maori side and also will be showing Glen Innes a Bollywood dance.The Bollywood dance was to show people that anyone in the world is great at ANYTHING and you should try something new!!

If you don't know what Fia Fia night is all about, well let me explain!! Fia Fia night is all about the different cultures and different types of movements ( dances ) .

I hope that you, readers get to see some of my work on the stage very, very soon!!

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  1. Hi Ala,
    Fia Fia night was cool. I was in the Hip Hop group and in the Maori group. I really like the bollywood dance and Mubasshira is an awesome teacher. I enjoyed reading your post about Fia Fia. Yes your right Fia fia night is all about different cultures and different dances. Well keep up the great work.