Thursday, October 14, 2010

In The Jungle

SWISH!SWISH! As the wind was blowing my hair the jungle went SILENT! The trees swayed side to side as my shoes smushed in to the gooey, slimy mud!! “Err “ i said shaking like an earthquake!! It was the third night of Totara Springs camp!!

“H-H-hey!” I stammered, patting Thearesa’s shoulder! “ I think I saw something” I said . “W-W-What was it” she replied , shaking me like a vibrating phone! We both briskley looked in front of us until......... “Aaaaa!!” an ugly, wild gorilla scared us!! My heart felt like it was about to STOP!! “This was a bad idea” I murmmed.

As my eyes started to clog up with tears, I coould hear the dew drops falling to the ground. “Come on girls!” Cara ( Our leader ) said. “ We can’t stop NOW!” Unexpectedly the rope started to quiver!! But that wasn’t all. The foot steps off someones shoes started to get closer and closer. “OMG! Whos that?” Thearesa exclaimed.

“ Arrrrgggghhhh!” we screamed , getting water blasted in my face. By then my eyes started to get bigger and bigger as we got closer to the end!DROP!DROP! I started to freeze up like an slippery ice-cube! “ Im freezing!!” I said as we walked up the unseen stairs!

“Oga Boga!” I heard, as the lights were expanding! The tribe were teaching the kids songs that they had sung many years ago. I had thought!” WERE HERE!!!” I heard Cara scream ! Thearesa had finally let me go QUICKLEY getting a nicProxy-Connection: keep-alive
Cache-Control: max-age=0

HOT chocolate and a chocolate biscut!

At the end of it all I thought that going through the jungle was an experience. Even though some poeple weren’t wanting to do it, they still took part! I was So reliefed that I had got through it!!


  1. I like this story. Chocolate at the end of a scary experience is always great. In fact chocolate anytime is great!

  2. Hahaha!! You are right!! By the way thank you for leaving me a comment. I hope that you had experienced something with my piece of writing! In fact chocolate at the end had calmed me down taking away the shivering and freezing feeling!! Once again thank you VERY much!!

    Yours truly, Ala

  3. Hey Ala
    I liked your introduction on how you hooked me.
    I also think that a nice Chocolate biscuit and hot Chocolate was a great ending for that terrifying adventure.
    I won't Lie but I didn't understand what this meant Chace-control: max-age=0 and I hope that you could explain it properly next time.
    I really enjoyed it and I hope to come back and read more interesting posts from you

  4. Hey Ala, I was a bit disturbed myself when I strolled through the bush in the dark looking for you all. I love your recount of the experience - real scary fun!
    Keep sharing your experiences
    Mrs Burt

  5. Hi Ala jaylee here just wanted to say thanks for looking after me at Tortara and your writing brings back alot of fun memories rememember to share the love to our school love always