Tuesday, December 14, 2010


This year has been one of the most challenging and most exhilarating years that I have ever had! Enjoying camp,learning about things that I didn’t know and even doing art! Being a Year 6 is SO much fun!

Writing was the hardest subject that I had to do! Actually I didn’t start off that great! Taking in Miss Gardens ideas and words helped me to improve a LOT! I was also making sure that my readers were getting hooked in and that they knew what I was writing about!

Prize-giving! Now that was the greatest part of the year! Getting rewards like: Sports woman of the year, Netball player of the year and even Performing arts!! It was AMAZING! But the best part that I liked was getting our ambassador award. I almost felt like crying!

Lastly I don’t think that I’m that GREAT at maths. I don’t even think that I remember the last few strategies, only Compensation, equal addition and tidy tens! I guess I hadn’t tried THAT hard. What I would love to do is try my best next year and improve on remembering strategies. I just know that this could help me succeed later in life!

Enjoying the last year of being a year 6 student has been challenging and also EXHILARATING! Even though that some times were rough, I knew that I could get through it!
Knowing that Miss Garden believes in me and helps me refine my work is a HUGE help!

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