Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Taking a deep breath I hopped onto the courts ready to play my first tournament. With the ball in between my sweaty, shaky hands I got ready to pass to my team mate. Wisssssh! As I passed the ball with all my power, she caught it. “Come on Auckland get it in!” I yelled. As our shooter took a deep breath she finally got it in! Running back to the center third, I was ready for a win.

As the game slowly ended, I was getting lethargic minute after minute. Jogging off the ashphalt I quickly grabbed my drink bottle. As I poured the cold, icy water on my face, I squinted my eyes. “ Whooah!” I said with relief. Our first game was finally over.

Opening my new Auckland rep bag I was astounded on how much junk food I had in there. Grabbing out my Mars bar, I opened the packet seeing gooey caramel slowly rolling down my finger. Licking it all up, I then took a huge bite out of the bar, burying my teeth in the smooth nougat. “ Come on Ala! “ Jazmine said , “ Let’s go! “ she said.

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  1. And so how did you go? It sounds like you finished on a winning streak.
    How did it go this weekend at Howick. Congratulations on your achievement! I hope you've got some photos to post.
    Mrs Nua