Thursday, March 12, 2009

Inorganic Rubbish Day Poem

Immense mattress all ripped and ragged.
Not so new now gross, grubby and revolting.
Old box of chocolates for the one that he was supposed to give it to.
Remembering those lovely memories from rubbish.
Gleaming once now all covered with shabby dirt.
Always loved now thrown out.
New now unlovable treasure.
It was standing up straight now it has dropped dead.
Carvings that have been carved now crushed in to little ants.

Refuses to leave the one that she loves.
Umbrellas now ripped, ruined and stinky.
Beautiful, outstanding set now all tatty and disgusting.
Busted jewellery box from the one that he loved.
Interesting new objects, now decayed and mashed.
Smashing it like no other, like a truck monster.
Hammering it hard like a alligators mouth.

Damaged all of those secrets.
A yesterdays secret now vanished.
Yesterday's treasure now trash.

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