Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Co-operative Game

This morning we played a co-operative game in the hall.I was so excited that we were going to play the game. The aim is to try and get across the surface with out touching the ground, but you could only use three pieces of paper. We had to get into teams, in my team was Mubasshira, Jane, Junior and Joshua.
First we had to discuss and decide what we were going to do, in order to get across the hall to the other end. So we gave it go.We were all sweating like a pink pig and we were clutching onto each other so we won't fall off the news paper, but then we stumbled on each other. We were so annoyed because we had to start all over again.
Then suddenly we quickly thought over and over again,DING!!Joshua had an brilliant idea We were shouting as loud as we could, so we could win. We were giggling, pushing,and sometimes we were cheating.We tripped over each other on the three pieces of paper.We were so devastated and tired, that we didn't want to do any more.
Some of the teams were really good. One of the team's papers were ripped like little ant's so Miss Allen got some thick shiny cardboard so it won't rip. Miss Allen handed us a 4 pieces of paper because they were only a size of a plant. SWISH!!! off we went. Toreka's team was winning then we past them.We were screaming at Joshua so he could quickly pass the cardboard to me and Mubasshira. We all leapt to the finish line and we were all dancing around.The team that came second was Angela's team, the team that came thrid was Toreka's team and the teams that came forth and fith were Lepa's team then Seini-Mino's.

We were so glad that we won. That was a very hard and co-operative game. But we still loved it.
I hope we do it again.


  1. Hi Ala

    That was a very interesting co-operitve game you wrote.
    What was your Favourtive part of the game?

    your sincerely Jarna and Jane

  2. You write with so much imagination Ala it makes reading your blog very interesting