Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Camp Aratika

Last week on Wednesday,Thursday and Friday we had our year 5 and 6 camp,at school.Every single year we have camp.We have camp to learn that when we grow we have to try and live with out our Mum and Dad.Every year we camp on the big field and we sleep in tents.We had to get into teams there where the Responsible,The Care crew,The Participators,Honest crew and The Thinkers.I was in the Care Crew.

RRRRIIIINNNNGGGG!!! The bell rang and we went to Rock climbing,T was so happy that I bounced up and down like a frog jumping to a leaf.We all got ready to leave,while we decided who we wanted to be with,the rain was pouring down like a waterfall smashing between the rocks.Then we left ,I was with Daisy Miss Vaafusuanga's sister.We finally got there!!! I ran out of the car into the buildings.When I ran through the doors my pupils went big and my eyes to,Which means that I was amazed by all those different buildings to climb.I quickly sprinted up stares and threw my bag on the floor.There were different kind of buildings like the King Kong Tower,The Power Puffs with Pokemon.,Jack and The Beanstalk,Sea Creatures,Musical instruments,Alphabetical unorder and different other buildings to climb.

On Wednesday we had camp cooking,My favourite part was making SMORE'S!!! I was so full of joy that I was jumping up and down like a Kangaroo.Whaea Raewyn pointed to have the side to go and get there bamboo stick out of the green bucket.I quickly sprinted to the bucket to get my bamboo stick and to get my pink marshmallow and my two biscuits.I roasted my marshmallow until it was golden brown.After it was golden brown I took it off my bamboo stick,I put it on to my two biscuits and squashed it.Then this was also my favorite part I ate IT!!,MMMMMMMMMM!!I crunched it with joy.When I finished i licked my hands so it wouldn't be so sticky.The Care Crew all said"Thank you" like a crowd cheering then we all walked away to go to the next activity.

On Friday we all arrived to the hall to go to Swimarama,The Responsibles,True Crew and the Participators went on the two buses first and the Care Crew which is me and The Honest Crew plus The Thinkers went second.Then we got there, me and my friends went straight to the Changing rooms and got changed.Suddenly we ran to the pools and jumped in the pool,when I got in there I felt like I was in the Antarctic water.

I am really glad that I could go to camp but I think next year will be better.


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  1. What an awesome post Ala! I have read lots of camp posts and I think yours was the most fun! I really liked the way you wrote your recount and your animation was excellent. Keep up the fantastic work.
    Mrs Burt