Thursday, April 30, 2009


My favourite Ice-Cream is cookies and cream
I always think about it in my dreams.
Its creamy and moist and when I go to the shopping mall its always my choice
The cookies crunch in my mouth
but it doesn't give me health
the Ice-Cream melts and it even dribbles on my belt
When you have finished take a rest
in your best comfy nest.


  1. Hi Ala
    You must like cookies and cream very much and go shopping lots of times. You have a very nice poem and your story It describes what it fells like when you lick it.Good Job Ala

    From Seini-Mino & Destiny

  2. Hey Ala

    that was a very good story you wrote about your favoruite Ice-Cream.
    that was acool story Ala
    That was a excellent story you wrote

    your Sincerely Jarna and Jessica

  3. Wow Ala,
    I heard you had an entertaining blog, it made me hungry reading your Ice Cream poem. Cookies and Cream is my favourite too by the way!

    Keep up the fabulous writing I'll try to visit your blog more frequently. I'm sure there'll be a Netball Report or two to come.

    Mrs Nua

  4. OMG Ala your Cookies & Cream blog is so yummy you have made me want to make cookies and cream my first choice now. Well done

  5. Hi Ala

    What a cool post about Cookies and Cream. I love Cookies and Cream too because it is so yum I also like to melt the it before eating it cause it tastes extra delicous. Do you like to melt your ice cream before you eat it? Keep up your good work I will visit your blog next time when you have new posts up on your blog.

    Your Sincerely Mubasshira