Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Michael Jackson King of Pop


Michael Jackson was the KING of pop for decades.He made hits with many other celebrates like Stevie Wonder, Diana- Ross and many other celebrates.

My favourite songs are Man in the Mirror,We are the World,Who's loving you,
I'll be There, Thriller,
Blame it on the boggy, Bad,
I want you back, Heal the World and
The Girl is Mine.

The King of Pop was born in 1958 and died in
2009.When I heard that MJ
died I felt shattered into 100 pieces.

Thank you to Google images and _DoGXQN4XNBU/SSuKxGpsrQI/AA..for letting me use you image.THANK YOU


  1. HELLO ALA it was a little sad when we heard that MJ died.I really feel sorry for Paris Prince Michael 2 along with Blanket and Prince MJ last of all MICHAEL JACKSON!!!

  2. Hi Ala,
    Man in the mirror is my favourite one too.
    Thanks for your writing and keep up the good work.

  3. Hello Ala that is very sad that mj died

  4. Hi Ala
    Selena and I were ;just scrolling down your page until we found this picture that captured our eyes which was the picture of Michael Jackson . I felt the same way when I found out that he died. When I went home, to my surprise my brother was watching Michael Jackson songs. My favourite part of the story is when you described your favourite songs. Bye

  5. Hi Ala
    Wow you did a wonderful post about MJ I like how you included your favourite songs all the songs you named were the same songs I like. When he died I felt so sad I felt so sad that wanted to slap myself grest work Ala. Well that's all I have time for Bye