Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Roasting Marshmallows

Creamy and mushy,Tangy and sweet,
Roasting marsh mallows is really a treat.
Caremal bit's and black bit's as the other girls were playing sing star hits
Scorching and boiling,puffy and pink,
it was a perfect match to a hot chocolate drink.
 Once it has cooked take a big bite 
then after a few days you will notice you'll be as                                      tall as a KITE!!!

Thank you to www.eatingwell.com and to Google images for letting me use this picture


  1. Hey Ala that was very cool to read.
    I like the bit when you said it was a perfect match to hot chocolate.
    Keep the graet work up.

  2. Hi Ala
    I was just scrolling through your page until I found this post and picture that captured my eyes it was a marshmallow post. As I was reading it I was feeling hungry I was so hungry that I couldn't stop looking at the beautiful,yummy,Delicious Hot chocolate with a marshmallow at the top I loved it. Well that's all I have time for Bye