Thursday, November 5, 2009


Can Children like us Top Tolerance For the sake of peace ?

R.O.W 11 By Ala

Warm Asian Pacific Greetings to you all - My name is Ala and I am here to tell you that YES you can STOP TOLERANCE and in return find, see and feel PEACE.
Should we have to put up with people using bad language that scares you? NO
What about smoking? NO, Tagging in our community NO.
Already people in our community protect us and help to make laws to stop these bad habits and people like the police, nurses, our caretaker, shop keepers, teachers, community volunteers, the government and a whole lot more.
What I have learnt about tolerance is that we all have the power to make this world a better place. Michael Jackson once sang about it (Man in the Mirror) and now Im telling you YOU CAN MAKE A CHANGE too. By believing in yourself, talking about it and putting a stop to
things like bad language, smoking because it kills, tagging because it looks horrible and anything else you think is not good for our world.


  1. Hi there Ala. I have enjoyed reading your post because you have made some very valid points. You have written with a lot of conviction with what is good for us and our community. I understand what you mean by thinking more about the things we do and don't tolerate. I like how you included the powerful lyrics from MJ as well. People from all around the world know this song well. Keep writing Ala, great to read about what you think and feel about these very important things.
    Mrs Tele'a

  2. Hi Ala

    What a wonderful post about tolerance. I really learnt a lot from you. It was a magnificent piece of writing. I really got hooked from the beginning of your writing. I hope you make lots of other pieces of Interesting writing for your readers. Thank You