Friday, June 25, 2010

My Worst Nightmare!!

BANG! BANG! BANG! The butcher was back in town! He hit the outside of the door violently, with an axe! I stood back, panicking , taking deep but fast breaths! I had no where to go! Now where to escape! The sound was expanding, he was getting closer and closer until.....

He had finally got to me. The door had cracked, opening to reveal ' The Butcher ' My eyes grew big, as my pupils were getting smaller! I then closed my eyes, taking my last breath! " BYE" I whispered.

Whoosh! I heard the butchers axe sway. I then opened my eyes and saw the axe coming right at my face. Suddenly I ducked, pushing my way through his legs. His temper had appeared. I couldn't see his face, he was once again shaded by the closet! My heart started to pound, like it was racing other hearts to the finish!

Then suddenly he was raising his hands, holding the old, rusty axe! " Please! DON'T! " I exclaimed but he didn't listen. Could my blood appear on that axe " I had whispered.

SPLASH!! my own blood was splatting out on to my own killer who was my-my DAD!! Had he come outof the shadow with the axe? How could this be?

My Dad stood back looking at his hands, looking at all the blood! he had started to get dizzy! Panicking like he was about to have an heart attack. Once again, he raised the axe but this time he had turned it to him self. I looked up, struggling, taking my last look until.....

SPLAT!! His own blood had appeared on me! Then I suddenly slammed my back on the ground. Slowly I closed my eyes. As this was the last day of my life!



  1. Hi Ala,

    What a really nice narrative. It really hooked me in and I just can't wait for part 2, to come out. My favourite part of this narritive is the last 4 paragraphs, they grap my attention and make me feel like reading more and more, but unfortunately you don't have your part 2 out. I am waiting Ala. Anyways why don't you check out my blog, here is the link
    or just click on my name below.

    Your Sincerely,

  2. Kia ora Mubasshira,

    Thank you very much for commenting on my blogpost that I have written! My favourite part is also the last 4 paragraph because I also thought that it had grabbed my attention. Once again thank you very much for leaving me a comment. If you aren't busy then comment more on my posts if you are free. Also try and keep to update with my posts and I will do the same for you!!

    Yours Truly,