Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Tarawera Experience

This term, as you all know we have been learning about volcano's. That are in New Zealand. The extension group have put together a movie describing before and after a volcanic eruption in Wairoa. The main volcano that was there was called ' Tarawera' .

Tarawera has three craters, that had killed millions of people in Wairoa! It had erupt back in 1886. But my video is about the beautiful and dazzling ' Pink and White Terraces'. If you would like to know more about tarawera then click on this url which will take you to one of my friend, Selena's blog to tell you more!

Each and every one of us had been put in a group and had done separate types of episodes. Me and Starford had been animating, filming and also taking pictures about the Pink and White Terraces. So sit back and enjoy the show!!

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