Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Brother is a North Island Champ!

'Elijah Toetuu' a brother, a prop and hooker in League and ' Junior Shot Put, North Island Champ' . This year taking a BIG step to college was one of the hardest jobs that he had to take. Having to have a FULL schedule every week, he still managed to be a ' Junior Shot Put CHAMP!' Especially how he had to leave his friends and family behind.

My brother is now boarding at, Mt Albert College and is having to see us once a week! What a struggle for my Mum. As soon as he came home I noticed a trophy and meddle in his hands! Suddenly seeing the writing ' North Island Champ ' Amazed me, especially how he had JUST started !

You might notice him from Pt England School, that's why he actually came here! My whole family did! The two alder ones, Luisa nearly one EVERY academics and got DUX, she one Netball player of the year but not to mention Sports Woman of the year! And now she goes to St Kentirgens Collage.

And well what is there left to say about my brother? Nothing! Just a BIG well done and congratulations big bro. I hope that you succeed in the future and that maybe one day you will get to go to the Olympics!


  1. Hi Ala,
    That was a great post about your brother. Your family must be very proud of him. I wonder if you will become Junior Shot put North Island champ in the future??

    Well I think that you can work on your spelling. Other than that, that was a brilliant post!


  2. Hi Selena,

    Thank you very much for noticing this post and for also leaving me a comment. After reading this I too think that I need to work on my spelling. But other then that I think that this post was great! I do wish that I also become the 'North Island' champ one day! Once again thank you very much for leaving me a comment on my blog.

    I hope that you comment on more blog posts of mine and leave more educational comments.
    Yours Faithfully, Ala

  3. Wow! That is awesome Ala. What a great achievement by Elijah. I can tell through your writing that you are very proud of your big brother and rightly so. It sounds like he has got a big future ahead of him in whatever sport he chooses and it sounds like he has a few choices! Keep us posted with his progress as well as the progress of the Pt England winter sports teams.