Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Collage Netball ' LIVE'

I couldn’t imagine myself playing Netball ‘Live’ as well. But I wouldn’t, dear imagine that I would stuff up in a game like that! What AGONY. ‘ Come on, get up!’ I whispered in my head.Though I didn’t like the school, there was no one else to cheer for! “ Come on St Kentergeins! ‘ my mum screamed. Hiding my face from the cameras I whispered to myself “ What SHAME!”

As she sluggishly limped of the courts with pain, I captured the tear of a crying bird. Well that was actually my sister! Crying out with misery she knew that all of her training leading up to this was a waste.

With the game carrying on it was finally the last quarter. With my sister out of the game, and with NO idea what the score was I screamed ‘ GO ST KENTS!’ . As they picked up the speed on the court, my Mum yelled out ideas to help them. I thought, she thought that she was the coach. Ha!

‘ Nice game girls!’ I mumbled. As they came of the courts with a smirked smile, anxiously waiting for my sister. Patting her on the back she started screaming at me. “ WHAT! I was just trying to give you a heads up!”

With them losing the game,heading back home was a breeze! Getting Wendy’s, then having a nice warm sleep was the best part of the WHOLE day! Even though I was on T.V

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