Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tornado Catashrophy

With a MEAN BEAST hitting Central of Albany an adverse tornado event unexpectedly devastated the WHOLE of C.B.D. With dark black clouds twirling like a washing machine, its strong power picked up debris like cars, to shopping malls, from homes to even TREES!

With its tremendous roar, reports have been coming in that only one person has died.


  1. Hey Ala, WOW!!! I really like how you used some really difficult words. Soon, when you grow up, I think that you are going to be an expert you clever girl. I also like how you used your punctuation's really good, KEEP IT UP!!!

  2. Hi Ala, I liked how you described what the accident was . I knew after the couple of sentences that it was a tornado. You should keep describing things that happen around New Zealand and the world

    Keep up the good work. Tino pai

    From Tyla-Marie Room14

  3. Hey Ala!You are a very talented writer and too bad that the shopping mall is now wrecked!I really wanted to go there one day!It's sad that a person has been confirmed dead too.:(Keep up the AWESOME work and I hope you can visit MY blog whenever you can!

    From Jonita,Rm14