Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Webzidazical - Don't Get Caught.

As I stared and watched different acts come on stage , I think I let my nerves get to me. “What if I go some where wrong?.” I mumbled , anxiously awaiting for my mask to arrive from the other room. It was the final night of the production. Named ‘Webzidazical’ and produced by our two talented teachers, Mr Jacobsen. “Hope I perform to the peek of my talent!” I whispered to myself.

Saving up all the practise , I knew that this was a night I would never forget. “Hope we do well!” I exclaimed to my friends. After finishing getting ready , all we had to do now was wait for our time to come. Being finally , handed my mask I was in need for an energy boost. Like chocolate ! “Mrs Lavakula , im CRAVING for chocolate. Could I hand out some of the chocolate fish please?” I said with a smile on my face , so big as if I was a joker. “Sure , why not?.” She replied.

Being held up in Room 8 , it was as dull as a boring birthday party. But except no friends and no family. No music and no food ! We were all just sitting there , with nothing to do but just to watch the performance go on. I mean not that the performance was getting boring but the atmosphere around me. “Mrs Va’afusuanga , there’s nothing to do in here!” I yelled , as if she was deaf. “Then why don’t you find something to do?” She replied and well it was worth a try.

As the time was ticking by quickly , it was nearly time for us to go on. Playing with cards and blasting music from one side of the room to the other , the night had actually turned out quite fun ! “Mrs Va’afusuanga was right!” Spoke my mind.”It WAS worth the try.” But my nerves were still getting to me and It was like I couldn’t stop them. Suddenly it was time. Time to make my mark on stage.

“Boom Clap , Boom Boom Clap Clap!” we all stomped , making our entrance on to the stage. I couldn’t help but notice the audience cheering for us. With different beats and rhythms came on to the stage , I felt like all the weight had finally being taken off of my back. Only seeing scary masks appear on the stage and from the back of the hall , “GO ALA!” I heard my mum scream from the distance. As my nerves started disappearing and the feeling of wanting to continue performing up on the stage , it was time for us to hop of the stage.

With a sign of relief , I thought that was the best performance ever in Pt England history. Jumping up with joy , I knew that I did my best and I knew that I would remember this night forever. “Hopefully I did this school proud!” I said , coming off the stage with a smile on my face.

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