Friday, September 18, 2009

Little Red Riding Hood

Once upon a time there once lived a girl called Little Red Riding hood. One day she had to deliver a basket of goodies to her grandmother, her grandmother was really ill. She said " Bye mother" and headed off. She went through the forest and saw birds singing while sun's rays' filtered through trees. As she walked past she saw some flowers. She gracefully picked them up and put them in her red and blue basket. Skipping along out popped a greedy old wolf, " Who are you?" Little red riding hood asked " Ooh I'm a friendly old wolf, What are you doing walking in the forest all by yourself ?" the wolf replied ,"Well I'm just delivering some goodies to my grandmother " she said, the wolf turned around while rubbing his hands together saying "Ha ha " the wolf turned back to Little red riding hood and told her a short cut to her granny's house. As soon as the wolf told Little red riding hood she headed off. " Hahaha! she's heading the long way" he whispered, "I better get to her grandmother's house before she does. Sooner or later Little red riding hood came to a bench, she sat down tiredly and said to her self, " I can't give up" so she stood up like she was singing the national anthem and walked as quick as she could to her granny's house. While she was still walking the wolf was on the move. He sneaked inside like an agent and saw granny. He tiptoed pass the kitchen and got out a rope from the cabbed and shut it quietly but steady. He jumped out from behind granny's chair
(0n which she was sitting on ) and wrapped her with the rope. The wolf quickly put on granny's clothes and lied in her bed just waiting till Little red riding hood came to the house. Still huffing and puffing Little red riding hood reached granny's house quickly as she could thinking that she might die. She tapped on the door. Unexpectedly she opened the door and saw her granny in bed reading the newspaper. She went up close , interupptedly the wolf said " Can you please bring me that basket Little red riding hood" the wolf asked, Little red riding hood put down her basket and said, "What big ears you have" she replied, "All the better to hear little one" the wolf said, "Oh my what big eye's you have granny" she had said, "All the better to see,know give me that basket" he angrily said, " Oh what stink
breath you have granny" Little red riding hood said. "Ok! that's it" the wolf hopped out of bed , took off her mask and " RROOAARR!!! " the wolf roared as loud as a lion and tried to snatch the basket off Little red riding hood but then granny came out with the rope undone, "CAPOW!" granny had hit the wolf right on his nose. " CRASH!" suddenly a woodcutter came in with an ax . The wolf was so frighted that he never went back to the woods again.

The END!!!!!

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