Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Highlights for This YEAR!

Ko Ala toku ingoa, ko Maungarae toku maunga, ko tamiki toku awa, ko Pt England toku Kura. Hi ! As everybody knows my name is Ala . My Highlights through out this YEAR is  performing and taking part in our school production. 

      This year I think that through out this whole year I had performed like a Pt England school kid should have but I have been talking to much in the classroom when I am not supposed too but I think I'll wait for Christmas to see if Santa has put me on the good list!

  I think that I have been a good team member to my friends and to the classroom and especially to my wonderful teacher Ms Squires. Having this experience is really a special thing to me. I also think that it has been a fun ride being a year 5! Thanks allot Ms Squires!!!

Thinking back to term 1 I had finished all of my tasks that we were supposed to do this year for 2009.I feel really proud of my self to actually do these animations and then look back, to see what I have done!

What I need to improve for 2010 is to concentrate more on my exams to try and get a better mark from this year! Improving each day is my goal for next year!!

Even though it's hard and sometimes it is easy we just need to strive to succeed so we can reach for the STARS!! 

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  1. Well Ala, I too hope Santa has out you on the good list :) If he bases it on the things you have done well then I am very confident it will outway the other issues you mentioned! Well done for such an honest reflection and all the best for 2010.