Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Water Game

In Jamaica women carry buckets of water to transport from there house to there family's. Woman usually have to walk long distances to fetch for water. They usually use steel buckets or plastic buckets to use .The Zulu people have a cycle to get water. This had been going on for years now but is still happening today.With a splosh and a splash I filled the container and whispered to myself " Why meeeee!", the cold icy water was making me shiver, I couldn't help but watch it move side to side .
I was in team 2!
It was a really cold morning, still awakening from my sleep. Miss Garden had suggested to not get wet. But the water had washed out my whole T-shirt. That water was even colder then it was when we started ,it was like an ice-cube sliding down my back .The bucket was tempting me to soak myself some more but I just couldn't help it, I got the container and put it back on my head with a splash, splosh and a whoosh. "This will have to be a really good wash in the washing machine" I whispered to myself.

Looking around I could see one particular team getting ahead of us but I did not want that to happen. So , I filled the container up once again and used my instincts to NOT drop it .Walking slowly I nearly tripped over but with luck on my side I made it. I tried it again and I started to run as fast as I could to the yellow bucket. Tipping it with a slight lean I quickly ran back to the bucket. As I put my hand into the creamy coloured bucket I took it back out with a splosh and a splash that went all over my uniform.

Feeling a cold breeze come by I shivered like a shivering mouse scared that a cat might eat it." Go Selena , go" I said out a loud. Jittery and jumpy I was not going to let the team come last. Being a good sportsmen I cheered my team on.Miss Garden had been refilling buckets back up with warm water, it was a little bit strange but I got over it.

Smelling my t-shirt with a sniff it did smell soggy like soggy old SOCKS!.
Eagerly awaiting for Mr Hunia to announce the winning team I started to bite the tips of my finger nails..... The winning team is TEAM 2.

I think that at the end of a fantastic day it all ends out great. Even though my T-shirt will be smelly all day today I think that the winning team can not just always be the winning team but also a supporting team.

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  1. I was really interested with the factual background you gave in your introduction Ala. It was a good hook to get me interested and thinking about your topic.
    Have a read over your recount and note down all of your sentence beginnings - is there variety? This might be something we could work on next.
    Miss Garden