Friday, March 5, 2010

Van Gough

It's Friday 5Th of march and we are learning about the art of Van Gough. Van Gough was a really poor man that would at least buy paint then buy FOOD! Then Miss garden told me that he chopped his own ear off. Then she told me that he shot him self because he was really angry. I blocked my ears not wanting to know the rest.

We had to sketch the art work that he had designed to learn the lines. Once I had started I was struggling to do just one line! I couldn't help but making it my own one. But then I got it ! I was so happy that I was jumping up and down in my sit. Miss Garden gave us some paint and gave us a paint brush lesson. And then..

To Be Continued...........


  1. Hi Ala - I found a link to your blog on your mum's Facebook page. I've spent my Sunday morning reading all you posts and blogs, I've been very entertained. I think you should consider this as a career choice, your a very expressive and talented writer.

    I've now subscibed to your blog so I can keep up to date on how you are progressing.

    Arohamai ra
    Aunty Mini

  2. Hi Ala, I always enjoy reading your posts, but I have to admit this one has me stumped. Could you do my old eyes a favour and change the colour of your font because I just can't read this at all :( Your default font is white which shows up great against this very dark background.

    Look forward to reading more

    Mrs Burt