Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Tiring Holidays!

"YAY!" I started screaming, I was waving my hands up in the air because we were going up north. The last thew days was a shock when I heard that my Mum and Dad where going to Australia and leaving us behind with my little sister. I was having to look after her all week while my brother and sister were doing sports. "Nooooooo" I started to scream in horror! I really was happy to go up north but I had to look after Maraina ( my little sister) again. And if you don't know I am 10 years old and I still have to do this.

Once we had got up there "click!" went my seat belt and "BANG!" went the car door. I hopped out of the car ready to get my bags when......... " Ala, please get your sister out of the car " I heard my Aunty say. It was 5.00 a clock in the morning when we got there. I was already tired to get her but I had no other choice.

Another day had came and we where going to the pools. Then we had got there. I got into my gear and nearly jumped into the pools when once again" Ala, take your sister to the shallow pools and play with her!" My Nana had yelled nearly losing her voice. " Far man " I said groaning to myself . Once Maraina was in I went to bomb when" BANG!" I hit my head first to the ground then my stomach and then the rest. I was so injured that it was time to go home. " At least I don't have to watch Maraina " I had whispered to myself.

At the end of the day I had to go to the Doctors to get me some medicine. Even though my holiday didn't work out as planned at least I didn't have to look after my sister after all!

"YAYYYY" I screamed

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  1. You have brought your feelings about this aspect of the holidays to life with some beautiful descriptive phrases. I sympathise with having to babysit, but I have got distracted by your pool accident. Those can be serious. Did you get concussion? I hope that you will be fine to enjoy your sport and Term 2. Oh, and i hope your parents brought you treats from Aussie!!! Mrs Burt