Saturday, April 3, 2010

What I Miss

Kia ora my readers. It is now as all of you know the 3rd of April and I am already missing school. I know that it sounds weird but hey! But what I am really is all of my friends. Every time I read my duffy books it reminds me of all of my friends reading with me. Also when I see people playing it reminds me and my friends playing. So far my holiday has been great.

The disco from the last day of school was great . The music was kicking and the darkness of the disco was so cool that I almost bumped into every person that I had met. At the end of school I was almost going to cry.

Well by for now!


  1. Hi Ala,

    Happy Easter. I miss school too. It was fun at school because you could talk to all of your friends and most of all I love doing reading. I am reading at home just like you are. It is wonderful how you are posting in the holidays. I have been too. It is great because your keeping your knowledge going and you get to talk about what the fun things you have been doing in the holidays. Please have a look at my blog and see what I have been writing about. Thank you. This is a link to my blog ( )

    Your Sincerely,

  2. It's nice to catch up on what you are up to over the holiday, through your blog. Glad you are enjoying your Duffy books.
    I'm looking forward to next term's adventures too.

  3. Hi Ala

    It's nice to see you blogging during your school holidays. You must have some really neat friends since you miss them so much! Don't worry only one week left to go until term 2 starts.

    Mrs Lagitupu