Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Last Week of Our Holiday!

If you haven't known, for all of the Pt England students that go to Pt England ( of course ) it is our 2 week holiday but it is now slowly finishing!! What I have enjoyed about this holiday is having a break off school like not doing any homework or school work but what I've have been missing the most about school is my friends. Somethings that I have done for my holidays is cooking and other things but I have been mostly just sitting at home doing NOTHING!!! But that isn't going to let me down because on the 14th of July it is my.... BIRTHDAY!!! and I am turning 11!!

My term 2 experience all about volcanoes was a real blast because we had got to make movies about things that we have learn't about. If you would like to see one then just scroll down and find ' My Tarawera Experience ' . I also loved going on trips to discover all the things the formed Mt Eden and also other things. I think that these 2 things were probably the best thing that I have done in term 2!!

If any teachers from Pt England school is reading this then I would like to say thank you for everything you have done and for taking your time out foe teaching us amazing things that we haven't learn't. It was a real blast! Also thank you for teaching us things that can help us later in life!!



  1. Have a very happy birthday Ala! I can't believe that you'll be turning 11!
    All the best for a fantastic day - I hope you get spoilt rotten!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Ala!
    Sounds like you have been keeping busy over the holiday. I look forward to hearing all about it (and the birthday) on Monday.
    Miss Garden