Thursday, July 15, 2010

3 More Days Till School!

For many kiwi kids the count down has started with exactly 3 days to go, before we wake up early pack our bags and head to school for another grueling term of success.

For some, this could be a start of another nightmare. But for many like myself and I believe most of my Best Friends, the end of school holidays means we finally get to see each other, hang out and reach for our goals at school. I cant wait...

So boys, girls and Best Friends, as you can read we have a choice to make strive to succeed happen at your school and enjoy each day we learn. But their is also another choice. Such as not listening to our teachers ( that have put a lot of their time into us ) . Also to talk to our friends and not listening to our teacher!! Some of you, Pt England students and students that are reading this, would probably go with the second choice but if you ' Stop Think and Do ' like how our principle ( Mr Burt) says, then you might succeed later in life. Even if you are in a mess, say to yourself " Stop Think and Do " and it may lead your way out of it.

So would choice would you choose!
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