Thursday, February 3, 2011

Heres To Angela!

Now Im pretty sure that everyone that is reading this knows Angela. A friend that has been with me since, well, I had started Pt England school. If you guys haven't already heard, my friend ( that had been in every single class with me ) is officially LEAVING! Leaving to go to Pakuranga Intermidiate!!!

She was a great friend ( and I mean it ) also a intellergent person with great personallity, a netball star at shooting and an awsome Sony Bill Williams in rugby! We had shared everything with each other! She was like my sister.

Crying untill my eyes had popped out I couldn't bare thinking that she was going to leave. But in my heart I will ALWAYS remeber her!

If your reading this Angela, I would like to say thank you for being there when times went rough and when I was feeling down! I hope that you will have an awsome time at your new school and that you will make GREAT friends just like us!!I hope that you will remeber us in your heart where ever you go and where ever you are.

This was dedicated to my dearest friend : Angela


  1. Hi Ala,

    What a lovely post about Angela. You're very kind and I hope you will never forget her. She was one of the most funniest girl in our group. I can't even forget her laughter and her humor. I can't wait until we meet her at riverside. I am so looking forward to it.

    Your Sincerely,

  2. hi Ala
    it's me angle thanks for this post I miss you guys so much and I will never forget you guys.
    oh and I might not come riverside until march okay sowi lol

    Angela is the best at everything hahaha lol
    bye ala send my love to everyone okay bye I am crying hahaha

  3. Ohhhh Angie Im missy you like crazy, Literary. I have no idea what I would do with out you. Can't wait to see, I love you my bestie. And I will give my love to the girls. I think I might cry! Having you not stick up for us and make us laugh is really sad. I'm like crying! LOLZ

    Once again I love you angie I hope that you've made GREAT friends and that you aren't getting mocked over there. Ohhh I'm SOO missing you. You were there for me since I had started this school. From the begging to the end.

    Even though we had are hard times we would always patch that up together. I should've come to pakuranga. I wish that we could stick together!

    I keep on bringing you up at school, like ALL the time and ask Naomi if you've said anything! Oh and I got the message.

    The other day I was walking down Kawiti ave by my self just thinking of you. How you would be there with me , talking about stuff. lolz. I can't believe that we have actually broken up. I didn't even think that this would ever happen to us.

    The others are also missing you too. We would always think ' What would Angela do for us ' Oh and Daisy has been asking for you. She was like, wheres the other one. lolz

    A Friend is a treasure.
    More precious than Gold,
    For love shared is priceless
    And never grows old.

    Love you always in my heart Angie,

    Love from, Ala!