Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Aurewa Disaster

“Creek, creek “ the noise had been going on all night. I hadn’t even fell asleep ONCE! As the rain poured down on us , the wind started blowing the tent down. I COULDN”T even handle the heat!

1 hour going by, the sound of a cricket was getting closer and closer. I could feel the movement of it’s legs ! “AAA! “ I screamed , spitting out a living specie! I had knew that this night was GOING to get worst.

“ HUH “ I gasped waking up . I noticed the tent EVEN smaller! DRIP, DROP . Feeling icy -cold water travelling down my face, I took of the blanket off. “ Whats going on ? “ I whispered to my self. But I knew what had happened. Water was every where, the tent was SO small that only one could fit in. And the wind was so strong that I had been jammed in the tent with no escape but the voice of my Mum!

“ MUM! “ I screamed looking side to side , “ Hold on my dear !” With the cricket still maneuvering on my leg the sound of my mothers voice was getting closer and closer! ‘ SWOOP ‘ jumping out of no where she grabbed on to me as if it was going to be the end of the world. “ Come on “ she exclaimed, shivering like a lost baby bear. “ This way “ she said “ We can do this!

1,2,3,4,5 “ SWOOP” We had made it through, we had actually made it!.

“ NO! “ I screamed my bag of delicate clothes were still in there. “ You musn’t go back in, its too dangerous!" My mum had said “ But my clothes are in the” I shouted at her. “ Well would you rather go in there and freeze with a cricket or have a nice warm sleep out here underneath a stable shelter? " “ OK mum!” I stay out here …..... AND WATCH MY CLOTHES GET CRUSHED AND WET!! “

As the sun set came up , I looked at my purple cold toes , they were freezing like nothing! With the warmth of the sun a shivering feeling just disappeared! I suddenly felt like I was in my Bed at my home. “ Baby girl! “ I said to my little sister , seeing that she had no blanket on all night! Her WHOLE body was purple! Once I layed my hand on her stomach, I knew that she had been curled up like a ball all Night!

“ I will NEVER forget this night” I whispered. 7:00 and I still hadn’t fell asleep. Me having thoughts about my clothes or soggy and wet was a like a dream gone wrong! I knew that if I had went in there and gotten my bag, the clothes that I'm wearing would of got wet!

At the end of the week, camping on a beach was a HORROR ( For me of course ) But eating Crayfish, Eka ( Which is the Maori name for fish ) and many many more seafood delicates were the best highlights of my LIFE! Especially diving for kina!!!

Once we arrived back at my Nana’s house I had one WARM shower and a nice WARM sleep! Dreaming about what had happened, I knew that I SHOULDN’T OF WENT to Aurewa BEACH. I would’ve had more cool clothes and SHOES! But you know what at the end of the week

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