Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Science Down At Tamaki

‘ STOMP, STOMP’ Walking down to the science room, I waited eagerly to go in. Swishing my head from side to side I was already imaging me pouring hot liquid into a tube! “ Come on Ala” Sylvia said “ You’ve been standing out here for AGES...are you trying to get out of classes?” “ NO!” I replied.

As Mr Dewan handed out papers, I grabbed out my pencil ready to write down what experiments we should do! I was thinking about SO much that I didn’t even know which one to put down first!!
As I was moving around on my chair I heard Mr Dewan say that we were going to learn about Nutrition!!!

Hearing about this made me a bit sad! But I was glad that we were going to learn, what is good for us? And what is bad for our bodies?

Did you know that all foods are healthy? Even if they contain FAT, SUGAR and CARBOHYDRATES! All of them are healthy! Weather your eating KFC, Mac Donald's or Wendy's.

I can’t WAIT till the next day of our Science!


  1. It sounds like you learned something that could really help you in everyday life. Majority of people do not realize that almost everything has something that is good for you in it. Everything we eat is not considered healthy but still does have nutrients in it. There is many different types of fats, sugars, and carbohydrates. The key to being healthy is knowing which and how much of them to eat. Good luck with learning more about nutrition and how to be healthy!

  2. Hi Neely Courtney,

    Thank you very much for commenting on my blog. I really appreciate it! Thank you for the facts that you have written down. I think I could learn A LOT from your comment, that you had left! And yes not EVERYTHING is healthy but they are things that we NEED to eat for our bodies. Well thats what I at least learnt.

    Once again thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. I hope that you come back next time and read another one of my blog posts!

    Yours Faithfully, Ala

  3. Hi Ala,
    My name is Shaska Crabtree I am a student at the University of South Alabama in Dr. Strange's EDM310 class. I have really enjoyed reading your post today. I too really enjoyed science in grade school because we were always doing some type of experiment or something interesting. I think it is great though that your teacher was teaching your class about nutrition. I think that is a very important topic to learn in today's society. You are right that we should have a little bit of everything in our diet, even the good stuff like sugar and fats. I think the most important part about eating things like that is portion control. If you use portion control your eating habits should be just fine. Thank you for your post and I hope your get to do a science experiment soon.

  4. Hi Ala
    It's me Angela I like you post you must of had fun over at Tamaki may you tell all the girls I miss them and sorry about riverside ny nana is not back from Samoa so I can't go to her house.
    Well Ala bye and have a fantastic year with your New Netbooks

  5. Hi Guys,

    Thanks a lot for commenting on my blog. I really appreciated that. I hope that you guys had learnt a lot from reading the post of mine. Thank you for leaving me notes on how and why we need to eat all the types of foods. Taking this in with me could really help when we visit Tamaki Collage AGAIN! Once again thank you for leaving me a comment . I hope that you come back again and leave some more!

    Yours Faithfully, Ala

  6. Hi Ala,
    you have a really nice story about since down at Tamiki College. You have really learned a lot of things about eating fat.