Thursday, March 17, 2011

Year 7 & 8 Camp: Rockup, Dunker

My BEST highlight from camp was going on the Dunker. Even though there were butterflies in my stomach I still maneged to get through it. One by one they were throwing balls at the target, trying to get me out! Until SPLASH... I was finally in the cold water, that was making me shiver.

As I crawled out on the tub, I anxiously awaited to see who was next! BANG! Just like that he was gone! Disappearing into the water! With my hands wrapped around me like a blanket I suddenly looked around me feeling a cold breeze making me EVEN more cold! I knew that this was NOT going well.

At the end of the day going on the dunker was fun but I knew that I had to face some consequences, like getting a seriously COLD! But it was also FUN! Thank you Rock up for the awesome time.

P.S : I hope next time there would be NO push ups!


  1. Hi Ala
    Your post really hooked me in. Rock Up was really cool. And I agree with you, the water was FREEZING!! But it was worth not having to do sit-ups.
    Loved your writing.
    Look forward to reading more stories.


  2. Hi Toreka,

    I agree with every that you had written, it was FREEZING but was worth it ay. Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. I hope that you read more of my posts and enjoy leaving comments, also leaving me helpful notes.

    Yours Faithfully, Ala