Thursday, August 19, 2010

Taio Cruz: Dynamite

Taio Cruz, one GREAT singer that has a smashing hit called DYNAMITE!!
Taio Cruz, to me was an unknown singer until this smashing hit had came out. At first I thought that he wasn't a good singer but over a certain time I listened to his songs over and over again. And guess what!! I LOVED his singing and I hope that you too!! So go on check it out.

I hope you like it!!
Written by a Pt England Student, Ala


  1. I like Dynamite too. I made a link on your post to make it easier for your readers to listen for themselves.
    I look forward to your next recommendation.

  2. Hi Miss Garden

    Kia ora Miss Graden for leaving me a comment on my blog post. I hope that you read more of them and that you lend me advice to help me improve. Once again thank you!!!

    Your Truly Ala

  3. Hi it's me James Ala i like your blog posts they are all interisting and i learned some new things as i was going through your blog posts.