Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Polynesian Settlers

Polynesian navigators discovered New Zealand in a way that none of us can do anymore.

Using the clouds, stars, ocean swells and birds as there very own compass. Clouds were used for navigating so they would know that land was near. When clouds were as if turned to stone that was when

the Polynesians knew that land was within reach. Clouds had also told people when they have passed over land. They could tell, by the leisurely clouds that move across the sky.


Taking a diverse of food, Polynesians provided food to feed there family’s and their selves.

Coconut was one of the most fruit that they had took. They used them for toliet paper, rope and fire,to cook there food.Pandana’s fruit was also another natural fruit that they had transported from East Polynesia to Aotearoa.They also used it’s leaves to develop sails. Animals would also travel on the journey to New Zealand,.The animals were killed when the polynesian people needed fresh meat


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