Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Most Fondest Memories

In the late 2006, this was one of my fondest memories of me, my friends and also my own teacher, Mrs Nua. The reason why I had picked this particular year was because this was the time when I had made NEW friends, experienced something with my new teacher and I learned MORE!! My favourite part in 2006 was when our class made a yummy, divine snake. I know that it might sound weird but we made the snake out of biscuits, lollies and MORE!! Also when we had made our own Ice-cream. We had made cookies and cream, chocolate and Caramelo ice-cream!

I think that I will treasure that moment forever especially when it was my first day at school!!
I will treasure it in my heart and when ever I think about it!


  1. Hi my fellow readers, thank you very much for leaving me a comment on one of my latest and newest blog posts. I hope that you read more of them and that you leave more comments. Thank you very much, Yours Truly, Ala

  2. Hi Ala

    That would be one of my fondest memories... By the way I like your Background.. Teresa